Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sponsorship and Training

Today I offered to change up my sponsorship to Jonathan.
I offered him to sponsor him $.50 per mile,instead of per pound.So if he puts in the mileage for the month,his goal is 30 miles this month.So if he makes that goal I will sponsor him for $15.00 this month.If his mileage is less then What I sponsor him will be less. Then when he gets his mileage up there and maintaining it Make adjustments. { i do not want to go broke} LOl. How does that sound?

Today was day #1 in the gym for me. I waited til frogger jogger was picked for school,and I went to the gym.

TM: hill intervals ,30 minutes, speed 3.4-3.6,heart rate 135-140, 1.70 miles. Then I walked to make up the .30 to make a complete 2.00 miles. Calories burned 196. I made up the two miles that I owed from Sunday.

Elliptical : 30 minutes, total body program,heart rate maintain 135-140, .81 miles,calories burned 135,level 5.

Abdominal : 35 lbs.,3 sets of 25
Abdominal machine: 70 lbs. x100.

Later today I will get out there and walk my 2.00 miles. Yesterday 2.00 miles, 33:28 minutes,I had on the wrong shoes, and my feet let me know too.

The calf muscle is tight,I haven't had any pain now for three days. I do not plan to try any running till next week.

I believe we are going to do the Turkey Trot 5k.Frogger jogger wants to do the 10k. So we are going to show him our route and get him out there training.I think we will show him the 2.5 mile one, and stick a timer on him and let him go.

B: one serving of oatmeal,2 toast{ww bread} with peanut butter{1 tbsp},OJ,coffee
L: salad with egg whites, fat free dressing and apple,ice tea.
D: leftovers!!! update later

I am working on drinking some power aide.

Train hard,have fun stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice! 09'

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
" Anything is possible,but you have to believe and you have to fight"
Lance Armstrong


Joggerblogger said...

Sounds good - Jon is lucky to have all your guys support :-)

Well done on the gym, I wished I could get back but I just haven't got the time - I have to put in some at home instead.

FroggerJogger sounds good to go for a 10K :-D

Rae! said...

I wish Someone would offer me support like that. :)But I like all the support I have now,It's better than money.;)

Thanks,it helps that the gym is just down the road too.Plus working three days a week is a plus.

Joggerblogger said...

3 Days a week :-) I like the sound of that. Has the gym got a pool? I love a swim after a good workout.

caballerofan said...

Glad you claimed your two miles back. I am sure it feels good to put that behind you and not have to think about it all week.

I have never belonged to a gym. I have heard that a YMCA might be built near us this next year. If so, it would be close by.

I think that at some point I will need to alternate jogging with someother activity. Just not sure what at this point. Walking is nice, but somedays my feet would like a break.

Happy you are not feeling pain in your calf. I think you have made a good decision by not pushing it yet.

Anonymous said...

I love being able to go down to the gym at work during lunch. It really helps to break up the day and increase my energy.

Its great thet froggerjogger is getting so involved in racing.

Rae! said...

No pool.I would be in it if they did.

I like going to the gym.It gives you a chance to cross train.And give the legs a break but still train.