Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sleepless In Florida

I am up ,can't sleep.I am watching Sleepless in Seattle.

I want to say thank you to all the kindness.

When you think things can't to become worse they do.
My closest friend,oldest friend, of 20+ years is going to have surgery next week. :( It is a routine procedure,but she has already gone through brain surgery. This one will tell if she has cancer. One cancer of the uterine or even possible ovarian cancer.They keep telling her no but normally when they do this surgery that is why they are doing it.{I know I see it a lot}.She lives way up north in the state and I can't be there.

Now I have already spoke to E about this one,And I know he has not said anything yet to his family.We won't be making it up for the holidays. :( I didn't get the time. Since my job has been canceling me so much I would loose time if I went. I told him he can still go,but he doesn't want to. Also if I go up North I can't go to the Ekg class I NEED. I have to have that so I can go in to the surgery dept. else where. Also The class starts on the Monday after the 1/2M. Now I am not sure if We are going to go to that. That is also E's birthday weekend, and he wanted to go to Disney on his birthday.{sigh} I will have time by then,and I make just take some of it then.

I may just tell everyone to get in the car later today and lets run up to the Kingdom. Ride a couple of the roller coasters and there is my stress free zone. Not allowed to talk about work,or answer your phone to work. That has been a rule from day one.

So now we maybe able to do an extra day during Mouse Fest, not sure. that would be fun.

I want to say a great big thank you to Mgreene, for the package of cars to send to the kids of Hope Runs. :) :) :)

Jeff yes you have seen Hot Wheels here,and E said he will check out the car you had mention and get back on that.If it is a mistake it is worth a lot to a collector.

I was suppose to do my 2 miles today and I didn't I got home ,E went to work and I fell asleep on frogger jogger. He was waiting on me.So now I will have to do 6 miles some time today.

B: oatmeal,OJ
coffee on the way to work
B: egg whites and cheese and turkey bacon,yogurt
L: chicken strips, small slice of cake,ice tea
D: mac and cheese 1 c,veggies


caballerofan said...

Although you can't be with your friend next week, you can still send her all the love and support possible. I'm sure she already knows how you feel, but it's always good to hear.

Mousefest will be my stress free zone. For the first time in months I will not be carrying the company cell phone. And my boss knows it. haha

I am sure you can get those miles in. Split it up into two routines if you have to. Be sure to listen to your calf if it gives you any trouble though. ok?

Thanks for regularly stopping by the blog.

caballerofan said...

Just noticed Jon posted 45 min 2.5 miles on his blog for today. He has not added a new post at this time, just updated the exercise. Good for him. I hope he does indeed do that again on Sun & Mon.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Nothing seems to be going very well lately.

Hope you made it to the park for a bit and that things get better soon. :-)