Saturday, November 10, 2007

A New Day

I was able to get out and do 2.0 miles,in 31:57 minutes.My goal is to get it down to 30 minutes. No pain,no muscle tightness.I didn't carry my ipod and it got boring.My left shoe rubbed on my ankle.It has never done that before. There is no break down in the shoe.I am not sure if I was walking different.I wasn't making up for anything.

Tomorrow I am getting up and going to the gym early,then around 6p we are going to do the 4 miles.I think we will just walk it.No time,no nothing just walk it.

No we didn't run up to WDW. Today was an emotional roller coaster ride.So that just changed what our plans could have been.

We are looking at maybe making it up for the rockin roller coaster meet.We are not bringing any kids.We do not get to go places with out them.So this is exciting.My close friend M she maybe staying with them so we can do this. :) That way they do not miss any school.

B: oatmeal, OJ{4}
L: 2 c pasta with fresh grated cheese.{4}
D:chicken breast lemon peppered,pasta,veggies, 2 toast{ww bread] and fat free pudding.{8}
total points 16

Not much more today. Again thank you for the support. JB I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!
Team Voice!! 09'

Miles 15.43


Joggerblogger said...

Hi :-)

Hope things have calmed down for you at home - sometimes it's just not easy.

Love the picture - where's it from, is it Living with the Land?

Rockin' roller coaster is cool, but I can only ride it 2-3 times in one sitting as my head hurts (must be getting old).

Say hi to everyone over there from the UK crew ;-)

Rae! said...

yes it is in the Land .It is the view from the Garden Grill.That was after the sand storm.I have one with the sand storm too. I will load them.!!

Yeah things are quieter.I think everyone was kinda upside down with E working nights. That will continue through this week.

Anonymous said...

What an opportunity to go on a short trip sans children. I hope it all works out for you.

As I have gotten older I can't tolerate the rides as well as I did when I was young. I used to be able to do rides like Star Tours with no problem. Now I find that simulator rides bother me.

Joggerblogger said...

Simulators in general make me I'll more than rides - Star Tours is one of the worse (I think it's the smell as well).

I have found as I've got older Inversion rides bother me - but I have to go on them until I can't stand it.

The small person blew me away last year on 'Kraken' I only managed one pop she did 3...

Anonymous said...

I found that the simulator rides at Universal were the worst except Spiderman. I did it twice and was just amazed by the special effects.

Rae! said...

I can ride them all!!!!!

Joggerblogger said...

Rae you're a show off ;-)

Rae! said...

I only got to ride mt. everest!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rae. You're a showoff. ;-)

Ok, I admit I'm jealous. :-)

Rae! said...

The crazy part is that I am scared of heights!!!!