Friday, November 23, 2007

Look What I Found....

Check this out. I forgot about this..

I found the Minnie Marathon Weekend 2008 schedule and courses. The first weekend in May.
The 5k is in Epcot. That is going to be on Saturday morning. Maintain 15 minute mile pace. Receive a shirt and a Minnie medal.
The 15k is 9 miles and you must maintain a 15 minute mile pace. Sunday morning. It starts at Animal Kingdom, then through Hollywood studios,then through some resorts,and then in to Epcot and end in front of Spaceship earth. The 15k is only.90 miles longer than the TOT13k. Hmmmm....... They also have transportation for these races too.

I would like to do this. Everyone here is for it. I wonder if I can shave off those seconds to maintain a 15 minute mile?? I sure would hate to be scooped. I have to get this breathing under control. If I can do this 15k and maintain the pace, I can do the 1/2M. FJ said it won't be the same since JB won't be there to run with him. AWE........

E thinks I should get a personal trainer in Jan. after the holidays. I so agree.He also said I should join weight watchers.He thinks that would give me the kick in the butt,I need. Thoughts?? Also E thinks we need to train during the daylight hours than in the evening. That will be real hard with my schedule.

Dinner yesterday:
Turkey,ham,mashed potato's ,stuffing,green bean cass.,slice of apple,slice of pumpkin. I used my 1/2 c to serve myself,and I did not go back of seconds, and i had small slices of pie.
We also had a raw veggie platter we made.We used fat free dip and baked chips.

B pancakes and mixed fruit,OJ

I have to get back in to the gym. And get out there and do my 2.5 miles. Road block.I am having the bloating and pain I had at the race.{13k} It has nothing to do with the race.Or anything we ate. It's that monthly visitor. Yep. :(

Team Vocie 09!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:

I have no use for people who throw their weight around as celebrities, or for those who fawn over you just because you are famous.


caballerofan said...

I was not aware of the Minnie Marathon. It sounds like a nice spring goal.
Keep steady with your training and stay injury free and I am sure you can get under that 15 min pace.

Having the added local support of a weight watchers group should be helpful.
As was discussed on Jon's blog recently it's great to have every one "out there" pulling for you, but having others nearby that are working toward simular goals could benefit you in many ways.

Go Team Voice

Anonymous said...

Rae, you might also want to consider checking out the WISH section of the DISBoards. They have a wonderful support group there.

WISH - We're Inspired to Stay Healthy. :-)

I met two of them at the TOT 13K and they were very nice. I think I'm going start reading that forum.

Joggerblogger said...

Those races sound cool. Glad the FJ had a good time running with me last time :-D it was cool.

WW is a good call, as caballerofan says it's handy to have a local group of people to help you stick to your goals.

Have a great weekend - say hi to all from us guys.