Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little Off Today...

Nothing much going on here. Making final preps on the weekend for Mouse fest.

Didn't run yesterday,right calf muscle is off a little the day before started out and made it about a mile and half, and my right calf was inflamed. Then at work the pain was coming from my knee. Later I found out that in arch supports were in my shoes backwards. In my work shoes and my trainers. That's odd that it was like that in both pairs of shoes. Well corrected the problem and the muscles are better.

Yesterday meals:
B: bagel{2} egg white (1),OJ(1)
Coffee on ride to work(0)
B: oatmeal (2),yogurt(2),hot cocoa(1)
L: turkey smoked(3),potatoes (3),salad (0),(2) candy
S: 1/2 c pasta (4),salad (0) 2 c of salad is 0.
sherbet (3)

B: bagel(2), egg white(1),super greens drink (4)
L:thai noodles (3)
S:baked tostitos (3) plain
D: chicken(baked)(4) salad(0) ,soup 1 cup is (0) progresso,bread sticks 2 (4)
S: popcorn in air popper 1/2 c

Training today well to the gym and cross train some.And maybe walk the 2.5 miles Depends on the muscles.

Is this everyone's first Mouse fest??

Walt's Quote of The Day:
I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!! Team Voice 09'


Joggerblogger said...

Are you sure you had your shoes on the right feet ;-)

Mousefest soon - lucky chaps.

Keep up the good work. Speak soon.

Michelle said...

Hi...how can I join Team Voice '09?

caballerofan said...

Hard to believe that I too will be packing for MouseFest this weekend.
It's coming up fast.
I have everything but the Magical Express Tags. I'm stressing over that a bit. Our agent says all will be fine. I hope

Is your right calf the same one that bothered you before?

Hope it's feeling better.

caballerofan said...

Hey, I noticed the guys put pictures of you and E in the show notes.