Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's November All Ready!!!!!

Can you believe it!!! I sure can't. Time flies when we all are having fun.

Here are my meals from my trip.

B: cereal,1/2c milk
L: smoked turkey sandwich, ice tea
D: Cesar salad, color ti dyed cheese cake,split in half and shared with E.
S: hot cocoa

B: oatmeal,Oj,coffee
L: flame tree BBQ,pork sandwich,fries,ice tea.
D: smoked turkey salad,2 c
S: hot cocoaI know it is hard to see but see my shirt!!!!! Team Voice!!!!!!!!!

B:Chef Mickey's, scrambled eggs,veggie sausage,Oj, potatoes with cheese and bacon,banana,yogurt,and apples with grapes and granola.
S: large pretzel at MGM
L/D: Cesar salad fries,ice tea.{about 6p}
post race: water,power aide x2. lots of water.

B:small serving of scrambled eggs,2 slices of bacon,hot tea.
L: Garden Grill,turkey with cranberry sauce,green beans,couple carrots,potatoes,chicken tender,small slice of birthday cake.Ice tea
D: nothing,cocoa.
See my shirt!!!!!! Team Voice!!!!

B:Pecos Bills,turkey sandwich,some fries,no beans,ice tea
L:ice cream in a waffle bowl.{yes I know this is bad,but yummy}

Well back in the grind on Saturday for 1/2M training. E said he will train with me, but he will not run in the race. :( I am not at all happy with that. He was my light at the end of that never ending tunnel of TOT. That means I may or may not be in the race. can I be strong enough to get through without him there pumping me up at the end??? But I can not quit either. I did not quit the TOT. as training goes on, I will decide if I will do this. I know we all are in this together,but you were not there and you did not go through what I did,and that frankly scares me.
We will go and be cheer leaders for the 08 half and I can get in the atmosphere and see how it is going to be,and is it going to be handled better than the TOT.I want to see Lou and then Kate come running through the castle and then meet them back at the finish with everyone else.

Team Voice!!!!

I will post my weight on Saturday!

Runner's World Kick In the Butt:
"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."
Juma Ikangaa


caballerofan said...

You are correct, we were not in your shoes that night and only you truely know how it felt.

The important thing is that you will continue to train and in the process become healthier for it.

The health benefits are really the bigger part of the picture. Wouldn't you agree?

It's good that E says he will continue to train with you. Perhaps he will still decide to run the half. There are still a number of months left before signing up and making a financial commitment to it.

Love the shirt. I have not ordered one yet.(Bad Me)
How long did it take to arrive?

Rae! said...

It took only 4-5 days to receive the shirt.I was asked about it and was I apart of it.I said I was one of the large supporters.

Only time can tell what will happen and yes the healthy part is good.I didn't have any health related problems, but the slight over weight.I gain most of it when I was married,he would not be supportive of any thing like this. So this is all new and I am not quitting,just looking at things different.

Anonymous said...

Rae.. this is truly awesme... you did a 13 k... you know I cant even dream of doing it. That is so great. I am so proud of you. thats determination all the way... keep it up Rae... you rock ...

mgreene said...


I would say start out at 2-2.5 miles 4 times a week. Then just add .25 miles (one lap around a track or less than a block) each week for your normal runs. On the weekends, choose one day to do your "long run". For you, I'd start out at 5 miles and add .5 miles each week until you get up to 14-15 miles on your long run. At that point, you'll know you could do the 1/2 marathon, and you could then work some on speed/interval training. By June, you should be in shape for the race. I would also do several local races just to get the "feel" as you tend do race faster than you train. I've done 26 races so far this year (and I missed 9 weeks with a calf injury during the summer). I look at races as extra speed work.