Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hump Day

Today has been a nice day, till the grumpy little people come home!!!!! Boy I must say grumpy is being nice.

I was a little sore this morning.stretched to keep it at bay.No pain just soreness.

Training #2 gym
elliptical: program total body,30 min.,level 5,.81 miles,calories 139,h.r.115-118
bike : program apline,15 min.,level 5, 5.31 miles, h.r. 125-128
inter thigh: 70lbs,x 80
outer thigh: 70 lbs,x 100

abdominal: 35 lbs, 3 sets 25
Ab. curl:90 lbs., x 100
leg press: 100 lbs, x 100
leg curl: 40 lbs.,3 sets of 12
leg ext., 35 lbs.,3 sets 12

I am sore. No pain and the calf has been good.Just a little tight,but good.

B: mac pie 1c
L: oatmeal 1c
D: salad with chicken breast cut up in it,flax seed,tomatoes,shredded cheese,fat free dressing,progresso soup veggie and noodle {0 points)
Bad: Reese's stick

Back to work tomorrow. I will walk my 2.0 miles.And do the long on Saturday, 4 miles.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Team Voice!!

Miles: 13.43


caballerofan said...

So glad to see you gettng into the swing of things at the gym. Good for you.

I have seen comments on your blog regarding Hot Wheels, let me share something that caught my eye at Target yesterday.

There is a Hot Wheels series (I think it is called Legends) that has what it is calling a 74 lowrider Monte Carlo. This is not a 74. More like 79 or 80 judging by the body style. The tail lights are post 77. Just thought I would mention it. Not sure if it adds any value or not.

Take care, chat later

Joggerblogger said...

:-) hope work goes well. Well done on the gym thing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing great workouts.

Yes. The Reese's stick sounds bad but we all need a little treat sometime. ;-) Your making great progress.

Rae! said...