Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No training yesterday and the weather is just nasty.:( Feeling a bit down today and I do not know why.
Well I do,it's the ole work place. If I can not trade days days for December I just do not know What I am going to do. I asked for that weekend.I do not ask for every weekend, just when there is something going on.I may even go as far as calling out on those days. I planned ahead.

Meals yesterday

B: bagel,egg whites,OJ
B: oatmeal,yogurt,banana
L: 6 inch sub,soup.WW cake
2c of mac and cheese.

B: egg whites,bagel, yogurt,OJ
L: 1c mac and cheese
D: chicken lasagna,salad, 1/3 c of sherbet.
S dark chocolate m n m's.

I will update if we get out and jog/walk or gym.

Ok made it out the door and I added in some jogging. In the 2 miles tonight,I did 4 runs. I have no pain,other than the breathing.My body wants to keep going but my lungs are screaming slow down. I figured on being slower since I am adding back in the jogging.Nope the time was 31:11.E won't count the time I did on the TM,so since my last out side 2 miles I gained 46 seconds!!!! I am really happy with myself.
I just haven't been making the best food choices the last couple days,And i figure it is that darn thing we women get. That's when I can eat the tar out of chocolate!!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice 09', Mousefest Awaits!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm sorry that it isn't working out for the days you want off. Not sure you should call in though. They may realize what you did.

Rae! said...

I can call out.I don't lie about why I am doing it.If it comes down to that I will tell my boss and the nursing office in advanced. HI Boss!!! :)

caballerofan said...

What is your weather like?
40 here tonight with 25mph winds. It was not a fun night to exercise. Did not do 6 but did wog 4.45.

Good luck with your work schedule.

Mousefest Awaits!

Rae! said...

The weather earlier was raining so hard you could not see the street,and wind gusting up to 25.
Now it is real nice,about 68 no humidity.

caballerofan said...

Any thoughts on what temps to expect during Mousefest? Trying to decide on long or short sleeves. I suppose I should bring both.haha

caballerofan said...

Nice job on improving your pace. I am happy to hear your leg is doing so much better.
Your breathing will continue to improve as you workout.

Again nice job!

Team Voice!