Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Babble......

Today was kinda a lazy day. I was off and the kids were to for Veteran's Day. E had to work,and he is back out there working this evening too. :( I go back in the AM. :(

Well I have some bad news and some good{Mouse Fest}. The bad is I just realized they only gave me 12/8 off. I am suppose to work on the 7th and the 9th. :( :* While I am at work tomorrow I will try to change some days. One of the girls want to already trade some so I may get the ones I need.I will know for sure when I get home in the evening. The good news is that E can get it off.Keep those fingers crossed!!! How cool would that be to show up on Friday At the Rockin Roller Coaster Meet?? I won't say a word. Well I just did, but you know What I mean!?

TM: Jogging /walking, incline .5-1.0, speed 3.5-4.5, HR 128-138,30 minutes. I added some jogging in.In the beginning I was able to jog a .50 mile,then I had to walk a bit then I jogged again,my first mile was 15:59, I had to walk more during the 2nd mile my right lower outside calf muscle became so stiff I wasn't able to bend my foot. So the second mile I was 31:15, then I did a cool down. calories 266
Elliptical: 20 minutes total body program,level 5,.55 miles,calories 78,HR 125-130.
Abdominal: 30lbs,3 sets of 25
Ab curl 90lbs., x100

B: egg whites,(1),OJ (2),1c of potatoes (3)
L: large salad,green beans,flax seed,raisins,fat free dressing(0)
D: 1 c soup(0),salad(0),1 c milk(1),6 inch sub,lite ham,turkey and cheese(2),WW cake(1).
S: hot cocoa (3)
Total 13 points,but I do not know how much the 6 inch sub was.If you know please let me know.

I know adding in the jogging I am going to slow down.It is starting all over for jogging. I have not got my 4 miles in and I AM NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT IT. Simple. (lol)

I received confirmation on my Mouse Fest stuff being mailed to us.Small person here wants to stay at her friends house for that weekend. We have that confirmed.So now I have to talk with M and J about FJ.

I do not understand why I am not getting the time off I have been asking for. I am there every day unless they cancel me,or send me home. I am disappointed. :( E told his parents today that we are not going to make it up there for the holiday. I can't even go anywhere for the Thanksgiving weekend.They have me working the 2 days before and the day after. I asked to work the holiday.:( :( :( I even put in the time for Christmas way back in August. :(
That's ok. I will go to the class in January and look else where.So what are they going to do when I asked for next October?????? Mouse Fest?????? the 1/2M 09????I am still up in arms about doing the 1/2.

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
"The important thing is the attitude of the athlete,the desire to get to the top."
Herb Elliot.

Train hard have fun,stay injury free!!!

Team Voice 09'!

Miles 17.98
BTW I realized I did beat my own time.By 44 seconds!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!


caballerofan said...

Well first of all, let me say congratulations on a new personal best. Draw some happiness from it, you deserve it. Good job staying on top of your exercise.

Sometimes you need to give yourself that freedom and that's ok.

You still have goals and you know that you will accomplish them.

Life's a marathon not a sprint. You'll get there. We'll all get there. lol.

Team Voice!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that it is so hard for you to get specific time off. I could see where it would be hard to schedule nurses since you are so critical. But you would think that they would have a rotating basis for determining who has to work the holidays. You shouldn't have to work them every year.

You sound like you are doing great with the food. Great job. :-)

Joggerblogger said...

Hope that they sort out your holidays for you soon, fingers crossed.

Hope that you and E get a cheeky weekend away - it's hard to get away without the small ones in tow.

Well done on the training front.

Are you going to WW classes now? I wonder if it's the same as over here in the UK.

caballerofan said...

Hot Wheels.

I mentioned a car the other day.

Here is some more info.

Hot Wheels Lowriders series.
Package claims it is a '74 Monte Carlo.
They missed it by 6 years it is actually a 1980

The car is gold with a white half roof and a yellow windshield.