Monday, November 12, 2007

Being Bad.....

I was very bad yesterday. Yep me.

I did not blog,I did not do my 4 miles, I blew my points out of the water and I was on the pc.

Our friends came over yesterday,and we tried to go to the International Car Show in Miami.Let me tell you there was no parking.We drove around for 90 minutes and nothing.We even went to the beach to park.Not a thing.

Later we went to dinner and came back to watch a movie and I fell asleep and there went my 4 miles.I awoke at 1am sat straight up and saying I need to go walk my 4 miles. E said I did that I do not remember.I must have been feeling guilty. He was able to get me to go back to bed.I do not remember any of that.:* When I was much younger I use to sleep walk.{sigh} So now I am worried that I will make it out the door and put my miles in and not know it. :0

Yesterday meals:
B: WW bread,and egg whites,OJ (3)
L: baked tostitos, with salsa ,2 servings,(4)
D: chicken tenders,and loaded fries,dessert,salad with fat free dressing,{20)

I have to get lite OJ .A glass is 2 points.

Today Meals:
B: egg white, OJ potatoes,chicken breast(5)
L: salad with veggies,fat free dressing {0}
D un decided will up date later

Headed out to the gym,I am going to give it a go on the TM to try jogging.I am going to try to beat my 31 ;59 2 miles,and later I am walking my 4 miles. I have to so I do not get up in the middle of the night.{LOL}

I will also update if we are going to make it to Mouse Fest on Friday the 7th. Fingers crossed.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice!!


Joggerblogger said...

Remind me to lock you in the dungeon at Jogger towers if you ever come to stay with us - No sleep walkers allowed ;-)

We watch a bunch of Miami Ink yesterday, so we were kind of there with you.

Did you manage to catch any of the car show at all? what cars were they?

Hope the training goes to plan today.

The girls say Hi :-D

Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed. :-)