Wednesday, November 21, 2007

16 Days...

I have been reading every one's blogs and I have noticed that a couple of us have fallen,but they are trying to get back up. I am one. Byron over at phat Disney geek is also in need.Please give him a hand,and some well needed support. Byron you have come along way don't stop now!!!!

Trained yesterday. 2.0 miles.I was very distracted.So I was only able to jog maybe a quarter mile. I walked the rest.And I forgot to add the other half mile in. Tonight I was thinking of trying again.Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot 5k.Here you can wear your headphones and push a stroller.We will take pictures and post them.

B: turkey sandwich,Oj
B" oatmeal,yogurt
D: turkey and pasta,mixed veggie.

E picked up some of the acclerade I like to drink after training.So I will drink one before the race,And one after. I feel good,no pain,I am looking to finish this run with out any pain.

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.A safe one.

Don't over eat!!!!! lol I am watching you!!!! I will post my tag in the am!!!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:

I have a great love of animals and laughter.


caballerofan said...

How cool is it that someone holds a run on Thanksgiving. What a nice way to help offset some calories. LOL.
I do hope you have an enjoyable run and feel better than at the TOT13k.
I will stop over and say hey to Byron. It has been a little while since I posted at his site.

BTW: Can you clarify the time for the walk/wog/jog on the 8th.
On one of Kates post I though I read 4am. Then Jonathan said 7am. 7 sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

It's 7AM. I was just kidding about 4AM. ;-)

caballerofan said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rae & family!