Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Team Voice

Thanks Jeff!!! That is so cool!!!! If you go over and look in the show notes at All About The Mouse you will see a picture of me and E. We had on our shirts!!!!!

I was asked yesterday How To join Team Voice. Before I answer that question I want to introduce the original mouseketeers. Jonathan, Me, Kate and Jeff.

How to join.
Well that is a very good question Michelle.
1.Be Committed to life changing exercise,take on some of the challenges we create.{so far I am in last place in the last challenge}
2. Blogging even leaving comments is awesome
3. The love for Disney. Don't forget where it all started. It started with a mouse,and a man with a dream. Kinda like Jonathan. He wants to change his life style with exercise and weight loss,maintain it,do some really cool Disney things,and grant a wish or two along the way.
Any money that we raise will go to Jonathan, in turn he sends it to Lou over at www.,and it goes to Make A wish to send a child with a terminally ill child to Disney.
4. The Main goal is the 2009 half Marathon at Disney.

I believe that is what brought all of us together. The man, and a mouse and a dream.
Does that sum it up? Any thing any one would like to add?? Please do.

Today was steady busy at work. My legs are sore so no training today.My right calf/shin/knee is not to happy today. Tomorrow we will be going to a local running shop to be fitted for shoes.

I did 2.5 miles yesterday in 38: 05:45.How is that??? I put in 2 runs and did all speed walking after that{ that goofy walking}. E now believes I can do way better at speed walking than running.I was able to control my breathing and keep my pace. {big grin} So now that is what I will be working on. Speed walking.

B: bagel (2),egg whites(1),super greens (2)
coffee on way to work
B: oatmeal(2),yogurt,(2),cocoa(2)
L: turkey blt wrap,blue chips,2 sugar free cookies,I do not know the points I will find out.
D: turkey wrap Will find out.

I will join Weight Watchers in Jan.08. Still looking in to the personal trainer, to help get me kick started. I have a green light from the doctor,and I have bought a garmin forerunner 50. It will track everything I do,and gps.

One week from Friday We will be at Disney meeting everyone at Ak!!!!! I am so excited!!!!
and we will be having our first Team Voice gathering,Awesome!!!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:
I've always maintained that you can't just coast, if you do, you go backwards. It's just a slow way of liquidating... Let's do anything to get some action, you see?

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!! Team Voice 09'

Oh yes and 2008 is the last year for the Minnie Marathon weekend. :(

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little Off Today...

Nothing much going on here. Making final preps on the weekend for Mouse fest.

Didn't run yesterday,right calf muscle is off a little the day before started out and made it about a mile and half, and my right calf was inflamed. Then at work the pain was coming from my knee. Later I found out that in arch supports were in my shoes backwards. In my work shoes and my trainers. That's odd that it was like that in both pairs of shoes. Well corrected the problem and the muscles are better.

Yesterday meals:
B: bagel{2} egg white (1),OJ(1)
Coffee on ride to work(0)
B: oatmeal (2),yogurt(2),hot cocoa(1)
L: turkey smoked(3),potatoes (3),salad (0),(2) candy
S: 1/2 c pasta (4),salad (0) 2 c of salad is 0.
sherbet (3)

B: bagel(2), egg white(1),super greens drink (4)
L:thai noodles (3)
S:baked tostitos (3) plain
D: chicken(baked)(4) salad(0) ,soup 1 cup is (0) progresso,bread sticks 2 (4)
S: popcorn in air popper 1/2 c

Training today well to the gym and cross train some.And maybe walk the 2.5 miles Depends on the muscles.

Is this everyone's first Mouse fest??

Walt's Quote of The Day:
I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!! Team Voice 09'

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blustery Day

Yesterday was a busy day. We went to the Hot Wheels event at K-Mart. Did pretty good. It's really windy here today.

We have been getting holiday decorations down. I love this holiday. When we are done I will post a picture.

No running yesterday got to get it in today. Today will be the long one.
On Friday I received and e-mail from the owner of Disney Running. I was asked if I would allow him to put my pictures and story on his site. I agreed. I have never had anyone do that before. Here is the link.

So what does everyone think of Team Voice 09'??

I thought of it when I kept reading and hearing Jonathan saying The Voice.
E has drawn up some really neat designs for shirts.I will bring them with us and shown Jonathan . I see Team Voice as a branch of support not just for Jonathan but for all of us on the quest of health and running. And helping Jonathan raise money for sending a ill child to Disney through Lou's Dream Team project.

We all will be getting together for the first time on the 8th.

Walt's Quote of The Day:
I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!! Team Voice 09'

Friday, November 23, 2007

Look What I Found....

Check this out. I forgot about this..

I found the Minnie Marathon Weekend 2008 schedule and courses. The first weekend in May.
The 5k is in Epcot. That is going to be on Saturday morning. Maintain 15 minute mile pace. Receive a shirt and a Minnie medal.
The 15k is 9 miles and you must maintain a 15 minute mile pace. Sunday morning. It starts at Animal Kingdom, then through Hollywood studios,then through some resorts,and then in to Epcot and end in front of Spaceship earth. The 15k is only.90 miles longer than the TOT13k. Hmmmm....... They also have transportation for these races too.

I would like to do this. Everyone here is for it. I wonder if I can shave off those seconds to maintain a 15 minute mile?? I sure would hate to be scooped. I have to get this breathing under control. If I can do this 15k and maintain the pace, I can do the 1/2M. FJ said it won't be the same since JB won't be there to run with him. AWE........

E thinks I should get a personal trainer in Jan. after the holidays. I so agree.He also said I should join weight watchers.He thinks that would give me the kick in the butt,I need. Thoughts?? Also E thinks we need to train during the daylight hours than in the evening. That will be real hard with my schedule.

Dinner yesterday:
Turkey,ham,mashed potato's ,stuffing,green bean cass.,slice of apple,slice of pumpkin. I used my 1/2 c to serve myself,and I did not go back of seconds, and i had small slices of pie.
We also had a raw veggie platter we made.We used fat free dip and baked chips.

B pancakes and mixed fruit,OJ

I have to get back in to the gym. And get out there and do my 2.5 miles. Road block.I am having the bloating and pain I had at the race.{13k} It has nothing to do with the race.Or anything we ate. It's that monthly visitor. Yep. :(

Team Vocie 09!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:

I have no use for people who throw their weight around as celebrities, or for those who fawn over you just because you are famous.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

48:01.....15:28 !!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

Made it!!!!!!!! Do you see the numbers up top? They don't lie. I did the 5k in 48:01.Pace 15:28!! That is my official time from the chip. Is that great or what!!! No pain ,no sickness!!!! I wore myself out in the start.I was trying to jog and there was to many people and I was tripping over them. So we did some speed walking and waited till it thinned out a little and then added some running. Pretty park and had fun!!!!!!!

The next one is at the Daytona Beach Speedway in Jan.08. I plan on working up to running the whole thing.

Early am: granola bar,peanut butter,large glass of water, and drank some cytomax on the way.
S: banana,half orange,water bottle and the rest of the cytomax.
L: maybe a turkey sandwich.
D: ??????

My tag
1. I was in middle school and our band was invited to Music days at Disney and our group was riding space mountain,and in mid turn we got stuck on it. one hour and 15 minutes later,The 3pm parade was late because of us. The CM"S came up and pushed our car down so we could go!!!!
2. Me and some of my friends rode small world and when we came out,we were soaking wet.There was 6 inches of water in the boat too!!!! Water fight!!!!!!!
3.I have never been to a club.
4. In high school I shaved my head.{looking for pictures}
5.I had a pig that was litter trained.

Ok now I an suppose to tag 5 others.....If I did that then this would never end. Sorry.

Walt's Quote Of The Day:
I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it.

Team Voice!!!! 09

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

16 Days...

I have been reading every one's blogs and I have noticed that a couple of us have fallen,but they are trying to get back up. I am one. Byron over at phat Disney geek is also in need.Please give him a hand,and some well needed support. Byron you have come along way don't stop now!!!!

Trained yesterday. 2.0 miles.I was very distracted.So I was only able to jog maybe a quarter mile. I walked the rest.And I forgot to add the other half mile in. Tonight I was thinking of trying again.Tomorrow is the Turkey Trot 5k.Here you can wear your headphones and push a stroller.We will take pictures and post them.

B: turkey sandwich,Oj
B" oatmeal,yogurt
D: turkey and pasta,mixed veggie.

E picked up some of the acclerade I like to drink after training.So I will drink one before the race,And one after. I feel good,no pain,I am looking to finish this run with out any pain.

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.A safe one.

Don't over eat!!!!! lol I am watching you!!!! I will post my tag in the am!!!!!

Walt's Quote of The Day:

I have a great love of animals and laughter.

Monday, November 19, 2007

18 Days to go....

Planning,e-mailing,waiting ,hunting for a room.

I think we all have got it together and are for the most ready for Mouse Fest. We are having trouble getting a room.At this point, we maybe staying off site,not sure I found a couple rooms not sure if E will want to stay at them.

2 miles last night jogging/walking and walked and extra half mile. 29:59.I have to add on an extra half.The 2 miles were really hard.The wind was blowing and gave me some resistance,I was tired afterwards.My legs are sore today. so No jogging today. Today we are going to venture down to Miami and pick up our race packets for the Turkey Trot 5k. E thinks I will be able to do it in 45-49 minutes. I say 60 minutes. I am worried that I am going to have a recurrence of the 13k. I haven't had any trouble since then. I believe after this race I have to get a new pair of trainers. I will have almost 400 miles on them. My feet do not hurt,no joint pain,but the tread is very worn.
Plus we will have No kids this time. For the one in Jan.08 yes to kids. The one in Jan. is at the Daytona speedway. A 5k on the race track.We will also receive a ticket to the Rolex 24 hour. I have never been to that track.Let alone that race. E has.

B:toast peanut butter,OJ
L: pasta with veggies and egg whites
D: home made pizza

Walt's Quote of The Day:

I don't pose as an authority on anything at all, I follow the opinions of the ordinary people I meet, and I take pride in the close-knit teamwork within my organization.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!! Team Voice 09!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Count Down to Mouse Fest 07' 19 Days to go!!!!!

Yes ! 19 days to go!!!!!!! We will be there. Plans are in the works. I am waiting to hear from Kate and Jonathan. I am looking for a room now and I will let you all Know where.

Yesterday Meals:
B: bagel egg whites, yogurt{WW}
L: Turkey sandwich on wheat,with lettuce and tomato,baked chips.
D: Wheat spaghetti,sauce,garlic bread,
S: sherbet

4 miles,{ walked} 1:06:57. I was way to tried to run but I walked it. Came home from work had dinner with our other friends,a movie and walking.

B: bagel egg white,yogurt,OJ

Walt's Quote of The Day:

I don't make films for children. I make films that children aren't embarrassed to take their parents to.

Train hard,have fun stay injury free!!!!! Team Voice !!09'

Saturday, November 17, 2007


No running last night we went out with friends.

Thursday running I was able to run more and made time at 29:59 2 miles!

Kate we will get with you later on everything. JB don't you worry we will have an ice cream and think of you all.

Ok got to jet! At work! Will post after I get home.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Coming, Are You Excited??

Today seems to be a better day.Not sure why but it does.

As I updated last night or early this am we walk/jog 2.0 miles in 31:11.This is the best I have ever done with jogging.I am very happy with that.

I receive a wonderful phone call last night,but I missed it and I just want to say thank you.

I have never been to Disney in December.This is going to be neat. Everyone is going to be in holiday attire,and the lights and the smells and oh what fun. I can not wait. I looked up space ship earth and it is not going to be opened at all during the month of December. Unless that changes soon. :( I will make sure I have trading pins!!!! I made a killing off the CM's in October.

November 24th Saturday in all K-Marts across this great country is having Hot Wheels Day. For the collectors it something else.The last one we went to we got some treasure hunts and K_Mart only cars. So those of you across the pond we will pick you guys up a couple. :) The cars cost 97-99 cents and if you get the right ones they are worth $25- and up. I have the link over in my favorites.

B: oatmeal,Oj,yogurt
L: 2 slices pizza cheese only,salad
D: ??

I am heading out to the gym.Again update later.

Walt's Quote of the Day:
I am not influenced by the techniques or fashions of any other motion picture company.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!! Team Voice 09'

R.I.P. Bruce Gordon 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No training yesterday and the weather is just nasty.:( Feeling a bit down today and I do not know why.
Well I do,it's the ole work place. If I can not trade days days for December I just do not know What I am going to do. I asked for that weekend.I do not ask for every weekend, just when there is something going on.I may even go as far as calling out on those days. I planned ahead.

Meals yesterday

B: bagel,egg whites,OJ
B: oatmeal,yogurt,banana
L: 6 inch sub,soup.WW cake
2c of mac and cheese.

B: egg whites,bagel, yogurt,OJ
L: 1c mac and cheese
D: chicken lasagna,salad, 1/3 c of sherbet.
S dark chocolate m n m's.

I will update if we get out and jog/walk or gym.

Ok made it out the door and I added in some jogging. In the 2 miles tonight,I did 4 runs. I have no pain,other than the breathing.My body wants to keep going but my lungs are screaming slow down. I figured on being slower since I am adding back in the jogging.Nope the time was 31:11.E won't count the time I did on the TM,so since my last out side 2 miles I gained 46 seconds!!!! I am really happy with myself.
I just haven't been making the best food choices the last couple days,And i figure it is that darn thing we women get. That's when I can eat the tar out of chocolate!!!!!

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice 09', Mousefest Awaits!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Babble......

Today was kinda a lazy day. I was off and the kids were to for Veteran's Day. E had to work,and he is back out there working this evening too. :( I go back in the AM. :(

Well I have some bad news and some good{Mouse Fest}. The bad is I just realized they only gave me 12/8 off. I am suppose to work on the 7th and the 9th. :( :* While I am at work tomorrow I will try to change some days. One of the girls want to already trade some so I may get the ones I need.I will know for sure when I get home in the evening. The good news is that E can get it off.Keep those fingers crossed!!! How cool would that be to show up on Friday At the Rockin Roller Coaster Meet?? I won't say a word. Well I just did, but you know What I mean!?

TM: Jogging /walking, incline .5-1.0, speed 3.5-4.5, HR 128-138,30 minutes. I added some jogging in.In the beginning I was able to jog a .50 mile,then I had to walk a bit then I jogged again,my first mile was 15:59, I had to walk more during the 2nd mile my right lower outside calf muscle became so stiff I wasn't able to bend my foot. So the second mile I was 31:15, then I did a cool down. calories 266
Elliptical: 20 minutes total body program,level 5,.55 miles,calories 78,HR 125-130.
Abdominal: 30lbs,3 sets of 25
Ab curl 90lbs., x100

B: egg whites,(1),OJ (2),1c of potatoes (3)
L: large salad,green beans,flax seed,raisins,fat free dressing(0)
D: 1 c soup(0),salad(0),1 c milk(1),6 inch sub,lite ham,turkey and cheese(2),WW cake(1).
S: hot cocoa (3)
Total 13 points,but I do not know how much the 6 inch sub was.If you know please let me know.

I know adding in the jogging I am going to slow down.It is starting all over for jogging. I have not got my 4 miles in and I AM NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT IT. Simple. (lol)

I received confirmation on my Mouse Fest stuff being mailed to us.Small person here wants to stay at her friends house for that weekend. We have that confirmed.So now I have to talk with M and J about FJ.

I do not understand why I am not getting the time off I have been asking for. I am there every day unless they cancel me,or send me home. I am disappointed. :( E told his parents today that we are not going to make it up there for the holiday. I can't even go anywhere for the Thanksgiving weekend.They have me working the 2 days before and the day after. I asked to work the holiday.:( :( :( I even put in the time for Christmas way back in August. :(
That's ok. I will go to the class in January and look else where.So what are they going to do when I asked for next October?????? Mouse Fest?????? the 1/2M 09????I am still up in arms about doing the 1/2.

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
"The important thing is the attitude of the athlete,the desire to get to the top."
Herb Elliot.

Train hard have fun,stay injury free!!!

Team Voice 09'!

Miles 17.98
BTW I realized I did beat my own time.By 44 seconds!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!

Being Bad.....

I was very bad yesterday. Yep me.

I did not blog,I did not do my 4 miles, I blew my points out of the water and I was on the pc.

Our friends came over yesterday,and we tried to go to the International Car Show in Miami.Let me tell you there was no parking.We drove around for 90 minutes and nothing.We even went to the beach to park.Not a thing.

Later we went to dinner and came back to watch a movie and I fell asleep and there went my 4 miles.I awoke at 1am sat straight up and saying I need to go walk my 4 miles. E said I did that I do not remember.I must have been feeling guilty. He was able to get me to go back to bed.I do not remember any of that.:* When I was much younger I use to sleep walk.{sigh} So now I am worried that I will make it out the door and put my miles in and not know it. :0

Yesterday meals:
B: WW bread,and egg whites,OJ (3)
L: baked tostitos, with salsa ,2 servings,(4)
D: chicken tenders,and loaded fries,dessert,salad with fat free dressing,{20)

I have to get lite OJ .A glass is 2 points.

Today Meals:
B: egg white, OJ potatoes,chicken breast(5)
L: salad with veggies,fat free dressing {0}
D un decided will up date later

Headed out to the gym,I am going to give it a go on the TM to try jogging.I am going to try to beat my 31 ;59 2 miles,and later I am walking my 4 miles. I have to so I do not get up in the middle of the night.{LOL}

I will also update if we are going to make it to Mouse Fest on Friday the 7th. Fingers crossed.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A New Day

I was able to get out and do 2.0 miles,in 31:57 minutes.My goal is to get it down to 30 minutes. No pain,no muscle tightness.I didn't carry my ipod and it got boring.My left shoe rubbed on my ankle.It has never done that before. There is no break down in the shoe.I am not sure if I was walking different.I wasn't making up for anything.

Tomorrow I am getting up and going to the gym early,then around 6p we are going to do the 4 miles.I think we will just walk it.No time,no nothing just walk it.

No we didn't run up to WDW. Today was an emotional roller coaster ride.So that just changed what our plans could have been.

We are looking at maybe making it up for the rockin roller coaster meet.We are not bringing any kids.We do not get to go places with out them.So this is exciting.My close friend M she maybe staying with them so we can do this. :) That way they do not miss any school.

B: oatmeal, OJ{4}
L: 2 c pasta with fresh grated cheese.{4}
D:chicken breast lemon peppered,pasta,veggies, 2 toast{ww bread] and fat free pudding.{8}
total points 16

Not much more today. Again thank you for the support. JB I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!

Train hard,have fun, stay injury free!!!
Team Voice!! 09'

Miles 15.43

Sleepless In Florida

I am up ,can't sleep.I am watching Sleepless in Seattle.

I want to say thank you to all the kindness.

When you think things can't to become worse they do.
My closest friend,oldest friend, of 20+ years is going to have surgery next week. :( It is a routine procedure,but she has already gone through brain surgery. This one will tell if she has cancer. One cancer of the uterine or even possible ovarian cancer.They keep telling her no but normally when they do this surgery that is why they are doing it.{I know I see it a lot}.She lives way up north in the state and I can't be there.

Now I have already spoke to E about this one,And I know he has not said anything yet to his family.We won't be making it up for the holidays. :( I didn't get the time. Since my job has been canceling me so much I would loose time if I went. I told him he can still go,but he doesn't want to. Also if I go up North I can't go to the Ekg class I NEED. I have to have that so I can go in to the surgery dept. else where. Also The class starts on the Monday after the 1/2M. Now I am not sure if We are going to go to that. That is also E's birthday weekend, and he wanted to go to Disney on his birthday.{sigh} I will have time by then,and I make just take some of it then.

I may just tell everyone to get in the car later today and lets run up to the Kingdom. Ride a couple of the roller coasters and there is my stress free zone. Not allowed to talk about work,or answer your phone to work. That has been a rule from day one.

So now we maybe able to do an extra day during Mouse Fest, not sure. that would be fun.

I want to say a great big thank you to Mgreene, for the package of cars to send to the kids of Hope Runs. :) :) :)

Jeff yes you have seen Hot Wheels here,and E said he will check out the car you had mention and get back on that.If it is a mistake it is worth a lot to a collector.

I was suppose to do my 2 miles today and I didn't I got home ,E went to work and I fell asleep on frogger jogger. He was waiting on me.So now I will have to do 6 miles some time today.

B: oatmeal,OJ
coffee on the way to work
B: egg whites and cheese and turkey bacon,yogurt
L: chicken strips, small slice of cake,ice tea
D: mac and cheese 1 c,veggies

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What a Day!!!!

Late day today and come home to a mess. No one here, E not sleeping to be ready for work tonight.
Yes work all night ,plus he worked all day today. :( Kids do not understand and they take it up a level,I won't sleep well, this is the way it is going to be through next week.:( I worry about him driving on next to no sleep. :(

I am tired long day of complaining. People come in to the hospital to receive help and get well.Instead they just stay in bed and complain. :< Then the ones that weigh 500-600 pounds want to know why the become so fat,and why they need this stomach surgery,and they want to know why we can't hold them up?!?! Hello 500 pounds,you should have stopped eating!!!!!My waist is the size of your arm and you want to know why I can't hold you up??????? {scream} { are you kidding me?!?} :0 plus Holiday season, that brings out the people that want to kill themselves. OH my the fun begins!!!!

Then you get the almighty family that knows all. The ones that think we are dumb.we are the ones who went to school for the education,and some have Masters and bachelor's degrees. Then if the family member codes,and we can not bring them back,oh boy, the screaming and the yelling,and then I have to come home to I do not do enough. :( Ungrateful kids.{ not all the time} That starts a new ball rolling.{ugh}{ deep breath}

So I just needed to vent.{thank you for reading}

No walking tonight.I am sore from the gym and work. I have to do 2 miles tomorrow no matter what.

B: oatmeal, OJ
coffee on ride to work
B: bagel with light cream cheese,fat free yogurt 1c,ice tea.
D: some baked fires with cheese,salad. Ice tea
S: cup hot tea with honey

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hump Day

Today has been a nice day, till the grumpy little people come home!!!!! Boy I must say grumpy is being nice.

I was a little sore this morning.stretched to keep it at bay.No pain just soreness.

Training #2 gym
elliptical: program total body,30 min.,level 5,.81 miles,calories 139,h.r.115-118
bike : program apline,15 min.,level 5, 5.31 miles, h.r. 125-128
inter thigh: 70lbs,x 80
outer thigh: 70 lbs,x 100

abdominal: 35 lbs, 3 sets 25
Ab. curl:90 lbs., x 100
leg press: 100 lbs, x 100
leg curl: 40 lbs.,3 sets of 12
leg ext., 35 lbs.,3 sets 12

I am sore. No pain and the calf has been good.Just a little tight,but good.

B: mac pie 1c
L: oatmeal 1c
D: salad with chicken breast cut up in it,flax seed,tomatoes,shredded cheese,fat free dressing,progresso soup veggie and noodle {0 points)
Bad: Reese's stick

Back to work tomorrow. I will walk my 2.0 miles.And do the long on Saturday, 4 miles.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Team Voice!!

Miles: 13.43

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sponsorship and Training

Today I offered to change up my sponsorship to Jonathan.
I offered him to sponsor him $.50 per mile,instead of per pound.So if he puts in the mileage for the month,his goal is 30 miles this month.So if he makes that goal I will sponsor him for $15.00 this month.If his mileage is less then What I sponsor him will be less. Then when he gets his mileage up there and maintaining it Make adjustments. { i do not want to go broke} LOl. How does that sound?

Today was day #1 in the gym for me. I waited til frogger jogger was picked for school,and I went to the gym.

TM: hill intervals ,30 minutes, speed 3.4-3.6,heart rate 135-140, 1.70 miles. Then I walked to make up the .30 to make a complete 2.00 miles. Calories burned 196. I made up the two miles that I owed from Sunday.

Elliptical : 30 minutes, total body program,heart rate maintain 135-140, .81 miles,calories burned 135,level 5.

Abdominal : 35 lbs.,3 sets of 25
Abdominal machine: 70 lbs. x100.

Later today I will get out there and walk my 2.00 miles. Yesterday 2.00 miles, 33:28 minutes,I had on the wrong shoes, and my feet let me know too.

The calf muscle is tight,I haven't had any pain now for three days. I do not plan to try any running till next week.

I believe we are going to do the Turkey Trot 5k.Frogger jogger wants to do the 10k. So we are going to show him our route and get him out there training.I think we will show him the 2.5 mile one, and stick a timer on him and let him go.

B: one serving of oatmeal,2 toast{ww bread} with peanut butter{1 tbsp},OJ,coffee
L: salad with egg whites, fat free dressing and apple,ice tea.
D: leftovers!!! update later

I am working on drinking some power aide.

Train hard,have fun stay injury free!!!!

Team Voice! 09'

Runner's World Kick In The Butt:
" Anything is possible,but you have to believe and you have to fight"
Lance Armstrong

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dreams Do Come True,Wishes Granted....

Yes they do come true at WDW.

I was able to meet with a lot of people from blog land. Ride Disney rides with them and Run a Disney race with the most of them.

It was a blast.

We got to see our first MNSSHP. Plus E 's family was there.

Had a birthday party and what fun it was.

We called in to AATM and left a voice message on Monday.

See my shirt!!!! Team Voice!!!!!

WE all together were 10 in the group. We rode Thunder Mountain.


That was fun.As we were exiting the ride the was man there with a counter and counting all of us getting off the ride.I turned to E and said he is getting ready to give out a big wish. No more than me saying that walking around the next Corner we all were stopped by CM's and they were handing out these small packages. We all received one. Then as we continued out of the ride on of the CM"s told us that the only way to get the lanyard was through the Year of A Million Dreams!!! We all got a A Wish Granted!!!! How cool was that!!!!

What away to end the TOT 13k trip.

This is one trip I will not forget. See wishes do come true!!!!!

Meals today:
B: oatmeal,toast with peanut butter
L: smoked Turkey sandwich
D:surprise!!!! I was told it was a surprise by my close friend M. ok dinner is chicken with special spices,sweet potato pie,mac pie,and birthday cake.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!

Team Voice!!