Sunday, October 7, 2007

Updates, Roofing,Jogging and Blogging

I know I haven't blogged since Thursday. Bad me. A lot of stuff has been going on here.Where to start.
ok here I go......

Well Jonathan challenged me to who ever can drop 15 pounds first, will buy a round of "something" at Mouse Fest. I asked if he would blog his meals for the day besides weighing in on a weekly basis. So when I get up tomorrow I will weigh myself and post it.

Then Friday morning E gets a phone call from the roofer and he is being real calm on the phone.He wanted to know what could he do to make things right so he could get paid.E told him that he wanted the roof fixed,and put the shingles back on for cosmetic looks.Fix the patio screens and settle on the car parts.Plus we do not want him here unless we are home.He agreed.
The roof is fixed,BUT he did it w/o us being home. :( E frowned on that.Then E sat around here till late on Friday and they never came with the person to fix the screen.So E called and told him to come out on Saturday morning.They did. And the roofer got paid.But it has not rained yet to see if the roof is leaking.We do not know what they did because they could not listen and wait for E to get home. It is done. Then they left their tar bucket sitting here in our yard,I told E to call them to get it out or we would have it towed. E is giving them a benefit of the dout, I wanted it gone so they do not have to be here when we are not home. :(

I walked 22.99 miles at work on Friday. Then we went to the gym and did 30 minutes of cardio. That was the elliptical on total body trainer program with the pulling motion set. .89,cal 136.
That's all the time we had since we were waiting on the roofer.Oh yes and we did some abdominal too.

Friday Meals:
B: yogurt 1 c,with banana,OJ
L: 2 c spaghetti with sauce ,ice tea,
D: salad,with tomato slice, grilled turkey,lite sesame ginger dressing,2 c frozen yogurt.

Saturday meals:
B: egg and toast, cup of coffee, 1/2 tsp of cream and 2 tsp of sugar.
L: umm,, I think we skipped it??? 20 cheese curls organic cals.75
D: turkey burgers in the oven,roll,sauted baby ports,and a slice of cheese, salad, plum tomatoes,sliced grapes,some freshed grated cheese.

We did all of our shopping and running around yesterday and finished up with the roofer.Then we went out and found the 40th Ann. edition box set of Hot Wheels for E. It is very nice.

The pictures from the Epcot 25 I will have up later. The place where I do go to get the pictures printed and stuff were out of picture cd's. So I can pick them up today.

Sunday meals:
B: W.W. bagel,toasted and glass of OJ.
L: egg whites with a W.W. bagel,1/2 c yogurt one banana,and a 1/2 an apple.
D: pork chops,mashed potatoes,veggies,salad. Ice tea.

Lots of h2o and we are going to get out there and walk the 4 miles.I hope to shave some time off. :)

Miles for last week:
E: 2.93, w: 7.73
R: 33.70,w: 34.25

On the I pod:
play list TOT 13k
TOT ride through sound track
Aerosmith never love a girl
godsmack whatever
hampton hamster the hampster dance
WDW sound track the electric lights parade
right said fred I'm to sexy
Hercules go the distance
aerosmith grind

Miles this week:


Anonymous said...

I so agree about the roof. I hope all goes well when it rains.

Nice that you are doing the challenge with Jon. Good luck to both of you.

mgreene said...

Good job, Rae!

If E is interested, I am liquidating my Ford/Mustang collection, first installment can be seen here: