Friday, October 12, 2007

Steeda,Fun Ford Weekned 2007

Yep that is what we are doing tomorrow.Taking the Mustangs up to the Steeda shop and enter in the raffles and see what we can win and tour the shop and take a look at the garage sale. Then around 2:30p line up and run to Morroso Speedway and watch the fun Fords weekend.I didn't get to do that last year.That was when I had fell. :(

This is the stock 5.0 .It is a convertible.

Then there is the 4 cyl. turbo coupe.It is for sale. But we ar thinking about keeping it and set it up for the road courses.
It needs body work.The hood is new and we had doors for it but the roofer ran them over.
And then there is mine,but I do not have a picture of it, since it was in the shop. Mine is a after market, 302, hatchback,set up for drag racing . I have not had it on the track ,since the car is still wounded.

B" bagel,egg whites, coffee
L: chicken salad,on a whole wheat pita,{fat free dressing},yogurt, banana,ice tea.
D: pizza,salad, and snack cake,ice tea.

Work miles today 9.01. No training tonight since my calf muscle is giving me such trouble.I am limping tonight.
I will take a lot of pictures and post them. I can't wait to go.

Train hard, have fun, stay injury free!!!!


caballerofan said...

I noticed Jonathan has not posted today.

I did do a second 10 mi walk today. I took it very casual because although I felt good last night my feet were a little sore this morning and still are.

But I will get out and do 8 miles tomorrow. It is suppose to be a jog but I will approach it by listening to me feet.

I guess I understand your e-mail address with all the Mustangs you own. Own local school team here is known as "The Fighting Mustangs".
We had a great victory 21-14 over the Bombers tonight.

Take care of that leg.

mgreene said...

Have you done opentracking with the Mustang yet? If not, you'll definitely be hooked after you do! I've had my Shelby at Atlanta, Road Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Indianapolis and Talladega Gran Prix raceway. Lots of fun! (But kind of bad on the tires!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae!

Sounds like you have some great weekend plans.

I'm concerned about your calf though. I'm hoping you recover quickly.

A month before our 12/05 trip to WDW I fell and really sprained my ankle. So I was still limping when we went to WDW. In fact we rented a wheelchair at each park and Randall pushed me around. Aidan sat on my lap and thought it was fun. Anyway, the point is that even if we can't walk without a limp, we can still get around and enjoy our Disney parks and magic. :-)

Joggerblogger said...

Sounds like a cool weekend - we used to own a 58 VW beetle and show it and drag, great fun :-)

Hope the leg is getting better.

My little person is well into Hot Wheels now... i'll take some pix for you, do we have the same ones that you get?

Rae! said...

E thinks that your card is different than ours,but should have the same cars not sure. Leave some room and E said he will bring your small person hot wheels. I will post a picture of some that we know you won't have over in the UK.They are exclusive to Wal Mart only here.
Kate for your son too. :)

That's cool you use to drag race.I haven't just yet but I plan on giving it a whirl.

Joggerblogger said...

Cool :-) Has E got the old style batmobile? the small one got one yesterday, if he wants we pick him one up.

Yeah over here on the drag strip they do a thing called "run what ya brung" it's a good laugh.

Rae! said...

E said that would be cool!
Yes we do a run what you brung!!! It is so funny at some of the stuff people bring!!!