Saturday, October 13, 2007

Steeda 2007

I was really disappointed today.Steeda normally has a great day set up and it was not as good as the previous years.

There was a lot of really neat cars and they did all the tours by 10a and they rushed into the raffle which wasn't as good as it has been and then by noon they left to go to the track.Normally they have a police escort,not this year.

This was the only gt40 there. Very nice.

We had to park by the highway since they were not letting one else park in the parking lot.

I have a lot more pictures, I am putting them all on E's my space .IT is over in my friends.

This is my new toys.The pictures listed above,is off the old camera.This is a portable, printer,and it also copies pictures to cd.So at the race we can take pictures and I can make copies for those of us at the TOT 13k. I have been looking into the cameras.I want to be able to take pictures of the fires works and see the fire works.And this is what I came up with.

We didn't go to the track today the weather was suppose to be bad. Tomorrow we are going to go see drift racing and out law's with no time race tomorrow. I haven't seen drifting yet so this will be fun, and I will get to use my new camera.

We are going driving later when the sun goes down and take pictures of Miami, South beach.I will post some,and put them all on E's my space.

I will post my stats later too.

Everyone needs to heal, for the Tower of terror !!!!!!! Or it will be Terror for all!!!!!


Joggerblogger said...

Cool new toys and a really great idea for the TOT :-D thanks in advance.

We are doing the MNSSP on Tuesday 23rd.

I really like the old grey mustang!

londonjogger said...

yeah mustangs rule :) nice wheels...

Anonymous said...

Yes, here's to everyone healing soon. I think jb is in pretty good shape now. He did 7 miler today.