Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shock And Awe

Let me start here.I forgot to post my Monday weigh in. I am 216.

I had a bad day yesterday at work.The patients visitors were needy.Not the patients.
:( I forgot my pedometer, I was so tired it didn't help.Then we had students and they brought donut holes.Yes I had 2.I felt so guilty afterwards. Then about 3p, my left calf muscle started to hurt. I mean hurt too.I got upset because, I am so close to the TOT 13k and now I hurt.I am scared that I am going to make it worse,and won't be able to run,or walk. :(

B: egg whites,WW bagel,coffee
L: turkey burger,broccoli,WW yogurt,banana,ice tea
D: pork chops,mashed potatoes,corn,WW lemon cake,ice tea.
2 donut holes, some baked fries when I got home.

elliptical, total body program,30 min.,lvl.6,.93 miles,cal136
bike, 30 min.,lvl6,random hills, 9.98 miles,325 cal.
E elliptical, total body trainer,30 min.lvl. 7, .99,cal 156
bike.30 min.random hills,lvl.9, 10.82 miles.

While I was riding the bike I was listening to All about the mouse,and the guys were talking about the Epcot 25,the next thing I know Bryan was talking about all the people he met and I noticed he did not mention Kate and I. I was like I just he forgot,no something is up,and then Jonathan chimed in and then Bryan mentioned meeting Kate and I .I was floored by the way that we are thought about by Jonathan.I didn't know that he thought so highly of anything I had to say.I was moved by it and it made my day.

Thank you again.I needed that. My day was so awful and then I heard you guys chatting away and just thanks!!!!!!

Today meals:
B:WW cereal 1 c,1/2 c milk ,OJ
L: no yolk egg noodles,and turkey sauce
D: turkey legs smoked,on the smoker,salad,and a veggie,milk


Joggerblogger said...

I noticed he didn't mention meeting me ;-)

Just rest the leg a bit, hope it's feeling better sooooon.

I ran in some old trainers the other day (packed the wrong ones for London) and my knees hate me at the moment (so does my left ankle).

See you soon.

Rae! said...

Take care of those knees!and the ankle too!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a bad day. I'll have to listen to AATM tomorrow on the train.