Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Main Street Is Ready........

Oh man wait till you see Main Street in the Kingdom.IT is so ready for the season.I didn't take my camera in because it was raining. I mean raining. I ate at the Bakery again and I went over and rode the Haunted Mansion. The did a really good job. I won't say anymore......

I had a wonderful time At Epcot. I had a really nice day with Kate and hanging out with the Magical Mountain group.They all were really nice and friendly and full of information and fun facts. I so can not wait to go to Mouse fest. Oh wait....they all will be at the TOT!!!! See everyone in about three weeks!!!!! :)

I am so tired I just can hardly keep my eyes open.

On the roof front, quiet.

Training I walked a total of 4 miles for today. In the gym after work.
Back to work in the morning,and I will try to get the Epcot 25 video up and the Beverly fest,well of what I have for video and pictures.

So now I am getting things together for the trip,The race,NSSHP.

This week one year ago I fell on the front patio and messed up my good knee.

Are we ready for this??

Packet pick up for the race is 10/26 at the wide world of sports from 3-8p. Then on 10/27 10-4p.


Joggerblogger said...

can't wait :-) looking forward to the pics.

Anonymous said...

When I got home yesterday my whole foot and ankle were swollen. I iced it today and I'm taking some Advil.

I walked on the TM today in spite of it. I have to stop and just rest my foot. So no more work outs for a week and I'll try to get better for TOT.