Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Monday

It is a blustery day here in S.Fl. 25-30 mph winds.

I did one on one today and it was boring today.I am looking in to going to the surgical dept. I will know more tomorrow.I have to go find out about it and talk to the Boss. :)

Today meals:
B: WW bagel with egg whites,1/4 c is one egg.,coffee
L: turkey burger,WW bread,salad tomatoes,corn, broccoli,grapes,6 peanuts,and a tbsp of fat free dressing.
D:grilled pork chop,mashed potatoes,broccoli,all half c servings,WW snack cake
S: WW yogurt,and banana.
Lots of h2o.
Gym 34 minutes TM, incline .5, miles 2.04.
Cal. 224

I had to stop because the gym staff was blasting the radio so loud I could not hear my i pod, or E talking to me and they were asked to turn it down.They did not.I could not concentrate on what I was doing.I have nothing against rap music but a business is not the place for the employees had their friends there and it was like a romper room.I was told no children allowed unless they were a member. So now I am going to complain again. :( I like the gym because it is less than a mile away and they are open late so on days I work I can go in there,and no contract.

I got my car back from the shop.It had to go to the shop because I have long tube headers on my car and we have no place to store my car once we got it up in the air and the city would not like it.Plus the headers were in the way. Because of the type of headers I have I burned up my clutch cable in my car.So it was replaced and a heat resistant sleeve was put on to help from it burning up.

well train hard ,have fun,stay injury free!!!! Three more weeks and TOT 13k!!!!!

Miles this week:
E: 2.43,w:
R: 2.04 w:

I Pod playlist
All About the Mouse,didn't get to finish it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgical dept.

Sounds like your doing well on your food plan. :-)

caballerofan said...

Grilled pork chops. That sounds awesome. I'm adding that to my shopping list. Have not had that in a long time.

Only three weeks to TOT, hard to believe how fast that's coming up.

Keep up the good work Rae and best of luck on that possible new job.