Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad Day

I am having a bad day. I have tried to turn it around but I am having no luck.
I blew out my calf muscle,now i have tons of pain,and a limp that won't go away. I have been icing it down,the entire leg.
I haven't been keeping up my deal this week with posting my meals,or my mileage.
Even my job bypassed me in the walk at work.I should have been 2nd place under my close friend.No they left me out. :(
Yesterday on my way home from work I get a phone call from home,it's my daughter screaming on the phone.In the back ground you can hear my teenage son,with an illness screaming he's going to cause her harm.It has been a long time since he has been this way.By the time I got home,E was home from an emergency call from his work.My teen is still out of control.

To make a long story short he had to be restrained to gain control.We have been train to do this.
I know people are quick to point the fingers at parents for the problem child.But when you ask for help and no one out there will help. All they want to do is meds and talk to therapist.That only goes so far.

So now I am wondering should we allow him to run in the race next week? Should he go to MNSSHP? I don't want to discourage him from all training he has done with us,but yet I do not him to think what he did was OK and he still gets rewarded. Or should I take him to his grandparents and he does not get to go at all??

Disney is my love.And the kids like going cause I go every chance I get.My work schedule is scheduled around what is going on at WDW.We are also meeting people from the boards and I just do not know what to do with this dilemma.

In all the stress I have found myself reverting back to old habits. Those that help caused me to be at the weight I am.I feel bad,so I am posting instead of emotional eating. It is hard.

E is a wonderful person and I feel bad for my son's behavior. I didn't know that my teen was going to be this way.I feel really bad for bringing it in E's home.I feel like a failure as a parent.They are not E's kids and he treats them as they are his own.

Yes I am unloading a lot here and I rather tell the world than revert to old habits.:(


Chip said...

Hang in there. Hope you have a better day!

I added you as a favorite blog on my list!

Anonymous said...


I can only imagine what you're going through today. Please don't revert back to the old days. Don't give up on yourself. Maybe some Disney magic will help. Maybe not. But you have a wonderful family and e loves you. You are a wonderful friend and inspiration to us all.

And, yeah, we love you too.


Main street awaits!


caballerofan said...

Hi Rae,

You do seem to be getting the lions share of bad luck lately.

Remember there is always sunshine after the rain.(even in Seattle I hear, Jon can confirm)

My heart goes out to you. I'm sure if your leg was not injured you could get outside and walk some of that stress off. Hopefully you can find a healthy outlet.

You write very highly of E. He must love you and your kids very much. Hold on to that and find strength in it.

Jeff W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae.

I'm sorry about everything.

A very wise woman once said, "Disney people never give up."

There is a way through this and if you listen to your heart you will find it. Find the peace within first and listen. You will know what to do.

I mentioned a place to you when we met. The place is NACD. National Association for Child Development. I would be lost without them. They have helped our family a great deal for many years. You may check them out at

Open your heart and receive the love your friends are sending your way.

Peace be with you and your family.

- Kate :-)