Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Nice Day

Last Saturday was a blast.
I had alot of fun with E and my Mom. I forgot that my Mom hasn't seen Monsters Inc and Stitch and alot of the changes! She smiled from the moment she woke up to the moment we made back to our room. We went to see the Magical Electric Lights Parade. The weather kept that from happening. It rained from 7p when we got in at the Crystal Palace for dinner till 11:15p when they did so the fire works. We stood out in the rain, with our ponchos, and had fun.
They have moved Pooh's playful spot over right next to the ride. I mean right next to it.

And the walls are up. The walls have the pictures of what is going in. You have to ride Dumbo to see over them. =){hint} I will have to download later, blogger says I can't download any more pics for today.

While we were there, I started to remember why I was running and walking so much. The memories standing on Main Street, and all the smells. This past Jan. while riding on the bus we past where mile 21 was. That was our first encounter with the sweepers.Just thinking in a few short months there will be a 5k just in the MK. Am I ready?? Holy Cats no way!!! I have to dust off the dreadmill and the gym card.

I have also been working on bringing back Team Voice. I have updated Team Voice on facebook, which I need some officers to help keep it up. I created a twitter account for the Team. @theteamvoice. Team Voice was taken. We are going to need some challenges,virtual events. I have Jeff with one eye putting up the twitter link on Team Voice event page,and a Paypal up so we can all get together and get new shirts, maybe a new logo???

So what does everyone say??


Amanda said...

It sounds like you had a great time at the MK...I know how much you needed that so I'm happy to hear you got some mojo back from it :)!

I have posted all the race courses in my cube at work to remind me daily why I need to focus and keep training. I know that January is not so far away, but I have to get through the next three half marathons first.

I am so glad that you're getting Team Voice involved again. It seems like we've all kind of split off and are doing our own thing. I have a pretty solid plan to get things done over the next few months, but I'll try to do as many virtual events as I can. I don't know how I can help out, but let me know if there's anything I can do.

I have to admit that I haven't been using Twitter at all. I became too addicted and it sort of consumed me for a while and it was hard to keep up with everyone. I've been debating how I can get back in the swing without going to the excess I was before. I do miss it.

BTW - thankfully I'm not too close to the wildfires, but it's always devastating when they hit. So much damage.

Chris said...

New shirts, heck yeah! Let me know how much and where to send it! make sure you get the money up front this time :-) Lorraine and I love the yellow too, keeps us from getting run over on those tight roadways, lol.

Did they close Toontown? I have been so bad keeping up with Diney happenings...ugh...we'll find out soon enough I suppose.

I would volunteer to help with the Facebook thing, but I don't Facebook...probably the last person on earth...

Justin said...

I'd be happy to help with a new logo. I agree with Chris, keep the yellow. It kept me from getting run over last night.