Friday, June 25, 2010

Training Report #1 The Wine

Real quick.
2.0 mile wog. Here is the map and elevation from my run keeper for iphone. Then we did shred level 1.{ yes i did say we}=)
Weigh in tomorrow.
Back to work.
I haven't figured out how to download it to blogger not enough time to.

It looks like we are going to be pass holders with this new FL. resident pass holder easy pay!!!!!

Have a great Saturday.
BTW... I have been back on the boards and over on Disney trivia. Alot of things going on .



Richard said...

That's great that you get the easy pay plan for annual passes! I hope you enjoy many more trips because of it.

I like the new blog background look.

Amanda said...

Great job on the wog and the shred workout!!!

Glad to hear you'll take advantage of the annual pass payment plan. I just purchased my annual pass through DVC - the first time I've ever had an annual pass. It's so exciting :)!

Matt said...

Awesome job Rae! I agree with what you said in an earlier blog. I need the team back too! I miss the support!