Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still Moving Forward..

Well I changed up the blog a little. Not sure if I like it. Different.

Well we went away for the weekend. It was nice. I did a 2.5 mile run, and did some pool running and lunges. The only thing I didn't do was my circuit video , I forgot to bring it with me.
Come back and deal with obligations that can not be changed. Which By the end of this month will be done and over with and I can have my life back!!!! =) 2.5 years of this mess and it will be finally over.
Well It looks like I am going to have to start registering for these races at Disney I want to do. Got an appt. with the doctor for the new labs, and have to set up the appt. for the VO2 Max.

Have you ever heard that exercising and running are bad for the heart?? Really?? Only if you have an under lining aliment that you do not know about.

The heat here is just...YUCK!!! With the feel like temp. we have been 100-105 degrees. SO if your not up early to get any type of exercise done, wait till early evening to get it done. If the thunder storms are not in full rain mode.

Well not a tons of things to say at the moment.
Train hard, Have fun, Stay injury free!!!


Justin said...

I don't envy the Florida heat when it comes to running outside. I battled it for one week last June. If I didn't hit the road running by 6am, it was too late. Once that sun came over the horizon, it was too hot.

Best of luck.

Tricia said...

yes, it is SO hot here! I've literally been waiting to run until at least 9pm

Amanda said...

The changes look good...Seems like a lot of bloggers are changing things up lately. It's kind of nice :)!

Glad to hear things are going to start settling down for you soon. That will be a nice change.

I hear you with the heat. We're in the low 100's right now - thankfully I don't have the humidity, but it's hard to stay hydrated. I have to get out very, very early or very, very late in order to survive outside!

Keep going. Can't wait to hear you're registered for the races and can't wait to see you again!