Friday, June 4, 2010

I Have Been Busy, You?

It's been a while since I have posted. Life just seems to come flying at me from all directions. Some days I am having a hard time to deal with the issues. Motivation.Where do you get yours from? Where did my go?? Where was I getting mine from?? I wish it would come back.

It will be 2 weeks since my first duathlon. The duathlon was ok. It was on the beach side in Palm Beach, but the part of town was less than tasteful. The hotel we stayed at was... there's just no word for it. While checking in a drug deal is going on next to the car and the kids we freaking out. The rooms all smelled. Any way.....
We drove the bike route the night before and noticed some construction up and the roads are nasty. Choppy. Close to riding in a bad dirt road. And the flat bridge was the only smooth part. This is an open course.

I picked up my packet race morning put my bike in transition real early, kids volunteering. We started late. The wind was blowing. I mean blowing. I was slow in the 1.25 run, my lungs just hate me anymore. Rounded the corner and their was the girls screaming their heads off and they made me laugh. Got into transition and out in a minute twenty. The bike part was awful. The wind would gust and push me left and sand blasted from the beach. This 15 miler was going to take me forever to do . The roads are just nasty. So I was slower than my normal and the traffic was relentless. The local Pd was out but they didn't do the cyclist any good. The y were in the way. I had a car pace me, and the driver was texting !! I screamed at him and then he finally drove on. Come up on the turn around. On coming traffic didn't care thee PD didn't make them stop or slow down. Then my right ankle started to hurt. So I stretched it out and it kinda went away and I just kept going. Coming up on the second turn around, Nearly wrecked and another rider shoved me.
Back into the wind. I saw a fire truck in the middle of the road, ok no big deal, then they stopped us so they could back in the fire truck to the fire house. Really!! That took up 5 minutes. It took me an hour to ride 15.5 miles. It normally takes me 45 minutes. At this point my right ankle is in pain like pain from a sprained ankle. I had to limp in to T2, and I looked down and it was a size of t tennis ball. I was slow coming out of T2 2 minutes!! I walked most of the the last run. I hobbled some, as much as my ankle would allow and I rounded that corner saw the finish line and I took off running. 1:52 . Hey I kept it under 2 hours. I did not carry enough fuel on me. I was feeling it. Note to self carry more fuel. ;) The girls were at the finish line and the were just screaming and having fun!! =) It was nice to see them.

I found E and found some shade. E put some ice on my ankle and it was throbbing pain now. Made up my recovery drink. I was in my division again. Athena since I am not ready to take on the women in my age group. I came in second. Second ?? I thought I was the only one in Athena. I wasn't. Later the kid found a large slice on my tire. Not my tube my tire. Those roads were bad!!

Took me a week to recover from the ankle.

So now I have my new work schedule. It is all messed up. No races this month. Unless I do the one way out of town on the west coast next weekend. Siesta Key. The runs are on the beach in the sand!! I have not done any kind of running on a beach in the sand!!! Nothing! 12 miler on the island. More wind?? I have been asking around about the race. Nothing back as of yet. I want to do it since it will be the only one I will get to do this entire month!!

Plus I only will get in 3 out of 8 training session with the group. Gee seems to be very unfair. I fussed about it but it did me no good. Seems that they{work} have an excuse for everything.

I have been counting calories again and doing my weekly training schedule. The best I can do with work and all. I got to the pool again. One out of 2 for the week. My breathing is going to be my problem. Still have not been in the pool with my coach. We will probably have to set up a time. HI Coach!!! But I am back in the pool swimming once a week is better than none. It's progress.

So by my scale for last week I lost 2 pounds. FINALLY!! I did it. Lots of hard work. 2 is better than Nothing that I have been looking at for months!!!!!

Already planning for October. Gonna book a value resort. Maybe Thursday Sept. 30 thru Tuesday October 5 maybe to Thursday the 7th. Putting in for the time here towrads the end of the month.
What are you guys doing for October??

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Amanda said...

Boy do I hear you about the motivation. Between stress and illness mine has been hit and miss lately. It's very tough right now for sure.

Sounds like that last race was a mess. Sorry to hear that your ankle was injured, tough winds and bad roads. You did awesome dealing with all of that!

Running in the sand - I am no good at that. It's a great workout, but I'd do so badly in a race on the sand. Good luck if you decide to do it!

Glad to hear that you lost two pounds. I know how frustrating it is. I lose two I gain two and do it over and over again.

I'll be there in October. I get there Thurs, Sept 30 and leave Tues, Oct 5. I'm staying at Saratoga Springs and have no idea what I'm doing for transportation yet. Guess I'll probably rent a car.