Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Here and Gone

Busy weekend. I know I am suppose to post a little something everyday. Saturday work and by the time I got home I was so exhausted I fell asleep.
Sunday was meal plan day. Planned, shop, and prep.
Then back to TM training. Back to basics.

My dog Mr. Boogie was wanting to walk too!
10 min. No incline, light jog,@3.7
then another 10 min. at incline 3 same speed.
No incline, speed 6.0 30 on 30 off
Then light jog for 10 minutes @ 3.7
1.76 miles. No calorie burn update or steps. Update later today.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Training Report #1 The Wine

Real quick.
2.0 mile wog. Here is the map and elevation from my run keeper for iphone. Then we did shred level 1.{ yes i did say we}=)
Weigh in tomorrow.
Back to work.
I haven't figured out how to download it to blogger not enough time to.

It looks like we are going to be pass holders with this new FL. resident pass holder easy pay!!!!!

Have a great Saturday.
BTW... I have been back on the boards and over on Disney trivia. Alot of things going on .


Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

I just got done watching The World of Color. Awesome!!! And I guess we are going to have to plan to go to Disneyland in 2012. When all the new stuff will be opening. Holy Cats!!!

I was listening to AATM and catching up. What is going on with the show?? You guys are worrying me!!!! Shaking head

I think we have found a source to some of the teen drama. Waiting on some medical reports from unday. The day people at work that are spreading rumors that I took off for me not because of my kid. Grrr...

Hitting the calorie counting hard again. And not eating after 8p again. Back at the 20 minute circuit video, and starting tomorrow hill training. Starting back at day one, and moving forward. I will post my My stuff the best I can. Even if it is just a couple lines.

I need my Team Voice back. My Disney friends, I miss and need your support. Well the best we can do for October is Friday to Monday. I do not know if we will make it in the parks that trip. Cause I am saving up for Jan.2011(I want to be there a week) Weather my Mom knows it or not, I am going to put in for her to do the 5k. She wants to go real bad.She has done a 5k before, but not at Disney,and go to MNSSHP. She has never been. So If I have to miss the parks that weekend it will be well worth it to me. ;) (Not a pass holder till 2011)

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Nice Day

Last Saturday was a blast.
I had alot of fun with E and my Mom. I forgot that my Mom hasn't seen Monsters Inc and Stitch and alot of the changes! She smiled from the moment she woke up to the moment we made back to our room. We went to see the Magical Electric Lights Parade. The weather kept that from happening. It rained from 7p when we got in at the Crystal Palace for dinner till 11:15p when they did so the fire works. We stood out in the rain, with our ponchos, and had fun.
They have moved Pooh's playful spot over right next to the ride. I mean right next to it.

And the walls are up. The walls have the pictures of what is going in. You have to ride Dumbo to see over them. =){hint} I will have to download later, blogger says I can't download any more pics for today.

While we were there, I started to remember why I was running and walking so much. The memories standing on Main Street, and all the smells. This past Jan. while riding on the bus we past where mile 21 was. That was our first encounter with the sweepers.Just thinking in a few short months there will be a 5k just in the MK. Am I ready?? Holy Cats no way!!! I have to dust off the dreadmill and the gym card.

I have also been working on bringing back Team Voice. I have updated Team Voice on facebook, which I need some officers to help keep it up. I created a twitter account for the Team. @theteamvoice. Team Voice was taken. We are going to need some challenges,virtual events. I have Jeff with one eye putting up the twitter link on Team Voice event page,and a Paypal up so we can all get together and get new shirts, maybe a new logo???

So what does everyone say??

Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess Where I AM Going?

Today we are going to travel to North Fl. Meeting up with E's family to drop off the kid. They will be in the Orlando area tomorrow afternoon. So.... This is much closer than driving all the way back out to the west coast.

Gee, then it will be just E and I.{how to act without a kid} In Orlando, with a one day hopper pass burning a hole in my pocket. =0) So We have to find out if the day is still good, if sooo WOOOHOOOO!!!! I am going to Disney World!!! And I know I have to work Sunday, but I will stay and see the Electric Lights parade. I haven't seen that since I was a little kid!!!
So if it is still good I will post pics and tweets, and stuff!!! I am soooooo excited!!!! And I will have to see what new Disney dollars there are!!!! SO much to do in such little time..But I will wear my walking shoes so I can get it all in!!!!! And I was told they started the construction in the magic kingdom!! So fingers crossed the day is still good.{what a way to recharge my batteries} Maybe I will run into my motivation there. =0)

Not sure were we are staying. Gonna wing it I guess =0)

Well until later..... I can't stand waiting.... clocking moving soooooo slow.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still Moving Forward..

Well I changed up the blog a little. Not sure if I like it. Different.

Well we went away for the weekend. It was nice. I did a 2.5 mile run, and did some pool running and lunges. The only thing I didn't do was my circuit video , I forgot to bring it with me.
Come back and deal with obligations that can not be changed. Which By the end of this month will be done and over with and I can have my life back!!!! =) 2.5 years of this mess and it will be finally over.
Well It looks like I am going to have to start registering for these races at Disney I want to do. Got an appt. with the doctor for the new labs, and have to set up the appt. for the VO2 Max.

Have you ever heard that exercising and running are bad for the heart?? Really?? Only if you have an under lining aliment that you do not know about.

The heat here is just...YUCK!!! With the feel like temp. we have been 100-105 degrees. SO if your not up early to get any type of exercise done, wait till early evening to get it done. If the thunder storms are not in full rain mode.

Well not a tons of things to say at the moment.
Train hard, Have fun, Stay injury free!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Starting Over

I have decided that I am not going to do the Siesta Key race. I took in and accounted for that I have to work Friday, and Then I don't get home till 8-8:30 ish and then we would have to pack the car, and drive 3 hours to the hotel. Then turn around and get up and be out the door by 5a. The kids would complain the entire time. =( also I do not feel that I am ready to run in the sand. SO this month I do not think I will be doing any kind of racing. {work related}

So looking at the bright side of this, it gives me the entire month to prepare for July, and gain control on my breathing. Maybe just maybe get a handle on my female issues that are keeping me from doing these things I love to do. {the -2 for May are back do to bloating}

October races, E and I were talking about them last night. E is having issues with his left foot. The doctor had gave him stretching exercises. Well they are not helping. We are waiting on a call back, and see if the doctor is going to send him to PT, or another doctor. At the moment he will not be doing the half marathon. E is having a hard time with that. But he plans on even walking the 5k just so he can get his not so scary ticket. =) My daughter is doing the 5k too. She wants to go to NSSHP!!! YAY!!! Training for the long distance again I will be alone, or he will ride his bike with me.
That means I will have to do the Goofy challenge without him. E wasn't going to do that, but he was going to the half but at the moment he's not running anything.

The wine and dine is 50% full, the half marathon in Jan. 2011 is 50% full too.

I am submitting my time for October when I go to work tomorrow. That way they can't say I didn't turn it in in a timely manner,I spoke with my co worker who I share the desk with, she said she isn't going any where in October. This should not be a problem!!! Like in May and all the dumb excuses why they would not give it to me.

Yesterday evening I hit the TM and did 30 minutes of hill incline 6.5. Today I am going to do my 30 minute shred, and walk it. Then I will be headed out to the pool. I have to over come this water thing!!!

I have to confess. I have not been doing much with the Team Voice, Club 8{ i haven't lost a thing to donate}, or listening to the podcast. I am so behind it sucks. At least in the new car I can listen to all of it now!!! I am not going to dwell on the stuff I have not done. Just keep moving forward. =)

Friday, June 4, 2010

I Have Been Busy, You?

It's been a while since I have posted. Life just seems to come flying at me from all directions. Some days I am having a hard time to deal with the issues. Motivation.Where do you get yours from? Where did my go?? Where was I getting mine from?? I wish it would come back.

It will be 2 weeks since my first duathlon. The duathlon was ok. It was on the beach side in Palm Beach, but the part of town was less than tasteful. The hotel we stayed at was... there's just no word for it. While checking in a drug deal is going on next to the car and the kids we freaking out. The rooms all smelled. Any way.....
We drove the bike route the night before and noticed some construction up and the roads are nasty. Choppy. Close to riding in a bad dirt road. And the flat bridge was the only smooth part. This is an open course.

I picked up my packet race morning put my bike in transition real early, kids volunteering. We started late. The wind was blowing. I mean blowing. I was slow in the 1.25 run, my lungs just hate me anymore. Rounded the corner and their was the girls screaming their heads off and they made me laugh. Got into transition and out in a minute twenty. The bike part was awful. The wind would gust and push me left and sand blasted from the beach. This 15 miler was going to take me forever to do . The roads are just nasty. So I was slower than my normal and the traffic was relentless. The local Pd was out but they didn't do the cyclist any good. The y were in the way. I had a car pace me, and the driver was texting !! I screamed at him and then he finally drove on. Come up on the turn around. On coming traffic didn't care thee PD didn't make them stop or slow down. Then my right ankle started to hurt. So I stretched it out and it kinda went away and I just kept going. Coming up on the second turn around, Nearly wrecked and another rider shoved me.
Back into the wind. I saw a fire truck in the middle of the road, ok no big deal, then they stopped us so they could back in the fire truck to the fire house. Really!! That took up 5 minutes. It took me an hour to ride 15.5 miles. It normally takes me 45 minutes. At this point my right ankle is in pain like pain from a sprained ankle. I had to limp in to T2, and I looked down and it was a size of t tennis ball. I was slow coming out of T2 2 minutes!! I walked most of the the last run. I hobbled some, as much as my ankle would allow and I rounded that corner saw the finish line and I took off running. 1:52 . Hey I kept it under 2 hours. I did not carry enough fuel on me. I was feeling it. Note to self carry more fuel. ;) The girls were at the finish line and the were just screaming and having fun!! =) It was nice to see them.

I found E and found some shade. E put some ice on my ankle and it was throbbing pain now. Made up my recovery drink. I was in my division again. Athena since I am not ready to take on the women in my age group. I came in second. Second ?? I thought I was the only one in Athena. I wasn't. Later the kid found a large slice on my tire. Not my tube my tire. Those roads were bad!!

Took me a week to recover from the ankle.

So now I have my new work schedule. It is all messed up. No races this month. Unless I do the one way out of town on the west coast next weekend. Siesta Key. The runs are on the beach in the sand!! I have not done any kind of running on a beach in the sand!!! Nothing! 12 miler on the island. More wind?? I have been asking around about the race. Nothing back as of yet. I want to do it since it will be the only one I will get to do this entire month!!

Plus I only will get in 3 out of 8 training session with the group. Gee seems to be very unfair. I fussed about it but it did me no good. Seems that they{work} have an excuse for everything.

I have been counting calories again and doing my weekly training schedule. The best I can do with work and all. I got to the pool again. One out of 2 for the week. My breathing is going to be my problem. Still have not been in the pool with my coach. We will probably have to set up a time. HI Coach!!! But I am back in the pool swimming once a week is better than none. It's progress.

So by my scale for last week I lost 2 pounds. FINALLY!! I did it. Lots of hard work. 2 is better than Nothing that I have been looking at for months!!!!!

Already planning for October. Gonna book a value resort. Maybe Thursday Sept. 30 thru Tuesday October 5 maybe to Thursday the 7th. Putting in for the time here towrads the end of the month.
What are you guys doing for October??