Friday, February 12, 2010

Note of Hi

Just a quick hello and update.
This week I have been working like crazy. I have put in almost 60 miles on the bike and no swimming. I know... I got to get in the pool.

The stress with family members here have been stopping me alot, and I get stressed over that. In turn it is showing up at work that I am very stress. I have to find a happy medium and stick to it. I keep being told to take some time off. I can't right now.

Eric is going to visiting his doctor about his feet. He is not doing any kind of running, until his gets seen. I am fearing its planters and he may have to stop totally. :(

So with that.. I am solo. He rides his bike out there with me.

The weather is has been nasty. Windy, rainy, more wind. ugh...I mean it's not snow, but come on, I have to get outside !!!

Have a great weekend!


Jeff W. said...

Chin up my friend. You can weather the storms of life. (Although they do kind of suck at times huh?)

Remember I'm only a text away if you need to vent or chat. That's what friends are for. Right?

Richard said...

Every training set runs into rough patches, but you'll get through those. After a slow month I managed to get focused and back on track and you will, too.

Amanda said...

Ah the stresses of life. Wonderful aren't they? Deep cleansing breaths...better? No, keep doing them :)!

Great job on the miles on the bike. Remember every little bit will help. Try to get to the pool when you can though, you're going to need that time too.

Hope the weather gets better for you!