Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wish I was there right now. Me and E are in the last row.

I have been absent for the last little bit. I have been working like a you know what. Only one day off last week. This week I just had to say no to the overtime.

No training since the 7th? I was having some knee pain last week. Well You know me brush it off and keep going. Well now I have to wear my knee brace, or I can not walk. HOLY CATS!! I am taking it easy today. Elevating the leg, waiting for a phone apt to call so I can go to the pool. If this does not clear up by Thursday, I will be heading over to the Ortho Doctor. I haven't seen him in almost 2.5 years. I have lots of medals to show him. It does not feel like my knee joint but the muscle around the top part of the joint. I have not done any heavy training for nearly a month now.
I have the Ironman catching up to me really fast too. I have been doing upper body work out. Working on the arms and the motion with resistance for swimming. Other than that nothing.

No weight loss. Speaking of I went to my doctor's today. She did my lab work. Included allergies, and added bunch of other stuff. I will now in a week what they are. Plus she is referring me to a nutritionist. And possible in a weight program that her office does. We will know more next week. She wants me to go back and see my gyn. doctor. There maybe things going on there that could be road blocks too. {oh great} So till then we wait. My doctor's scale said 202. Mine 195. My mother's 195. Allergy testing to see what all I am allergic too. Since I am taking the Claritin for breathing while running and stuff. I told my doctor the only thing I haven't recorded is my calorie burn. I have ordered the Body Bugg, and we will get to see my calorie burn soon. She said that will be very interesting to see.
I will not be finishing the Team Voice challenge for this month. And I just all around suck this month. I am over worked and tired as H E double hockey sticks.

And stress haha... can get rid of it. I think I am a magnet for it.


Amanda said...

Take care of that knee. You know better than to not listen when your body tells you there's sometthing wrong. I hope it gets better soon!

Well, at least you haven't gained weight like me. Oh, believe me, I have no one to blame but myself, but I do understand the frustration. Hopefully, if you go to the nutritionist they'll be someone that understands an athletes needs because we both know they aren't the same as a sedentary person's needs.

Hope you get the allergies figured out too.

Stress - I think it's really a four letter word and I understand being a magnet for it. Keep taking deep breaths and repeat "I am calm" until you are calm and level...Hey, it can't hurt right?

Richard said...

I have never seen a doctor's scale read low, but 7 pounds difference!!

Take care to be well enough before you push too hard in training and good luck at getting everything balanced out with the doctors. If you have the right ones they can do you a world of good. Several years ago my system was all out of whack and they helped me a good deal.