Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Juggling Act

Can you believe it is February??

I wish I could beat up the wall, like the photo.

My RTD mile for Jan. are 54.5. That;s it. Shame on me. Feb. I plan on 100+, and I will try to dethrone Stroller Boy for holding the most mileage as of yet for this year. :)

For club 8 -2. Hey It is better than nothing.

No mileage yesterday, I worked 16 hours . Got home are midnight. Got to save some extra for Ironman.

I am going to be honest here. Over the weekend, I was planning on quitting. WAIT !!! Hear me out.
It seems that the family aka Kids, seem to think when I am training it is free rein on the house and everything and they do not have to listen to anyone. I think it is the age. And then they will try you are never home always work or working out. BUT when I am home they are not. So what is the difference?? Saturday I had put my bike outside,trying to get rid if it. I put all my gear and everything outside. I was done at this point. {Eric kept bringing it back in}

Then my daughter later comes to me and said. Mom you can not quit. You have worked to hard, and I know I have not been very nice. I will try to stop being so selfish. And you will be very unhappy, and we do not want to feel the wrath of that. Now FJ he just is out in left field and thinks I am doing all of this to make him mad and jealous. {the unfortunate event of a brain that does not work on all 8 cylinders} It is hard to explain something to someone who does not understand, the drive and the need to want this like I do. FJ just doesn't "get it". I have Eric still I am not doing another marathon attitude. And will not go out with me even ride hid bike so can have some support.

So I am back on board. Running off the drive I need to do this. Why do I need to do this?? Because I can. Because I do not want to sit around all my life, and let things pass me by. Just like the guy last year we met during the half, who was 5 months out of total hip replacement surgery doing the Goofy!!! And Rudy doing the Ironman with no leg muscles, just glutes and back muscles. Me I just have some arthritis in the one knee, breathing off a little. My Jan. ended poorly. As you can see my mileage suffered. So this month. Rain,shine Heat,mad family,work, I have to train.

Not word from Coach. :(


Matt said...

Well, I'm very glad you didn't quit. I'm aways here if you need someone to "vent" too, just call me anytime!

MikeF. said...

Hey if you ever need to vent you have all my contact info. I am always available.

My heart dropped a little when I started to read the beginning of this post. I am glad to hear that you are not giving up. Always remember you are the glue that holds this team together and we ALL myself included feed off your drive and determination to keep pushing higher. So keep moving forward and someday the family will understand. And I have to agree those miles are unacceptable Miss Ironwoman in training. As you always say I'm rolling my eyes.

Richard said...

Hey that 2 lb weight loss is twice what I had this month so you did good!
You came off of completing a big event, and that can leave a let down afterwards, but I am glad you are moving forward again.

Amanda said...

You just stop that I'm gonna quit stuff right now...I know family drama gets you down, but remember the best way to get it out of your system is to kick some serious butt and make your competition cry! You can do anything - I know, I saw it in action during a darn tough marathon. You can do that, you can do whatever you want to - except quit! You did not quit on the marathon and you are not quitting on your Ironman goals.

Now - if you need a little support and a little less butt kickin' let me know I can do that too.

There is nothing wrong with a 2 pound weight loss either.