Sunday, February 7, 2010

IronRae 99 Days and counting.. {Long}

Well, it's seems Goofy keeps knocking on my door, bugging me about next year. I told Goofy again I need to get my Ironman set in stone first and then I will Decide on if I hang out with Goofy, or Mickey ,Or maybe even Dopey. BE patient I have to. As much as I want to jump right in, I have to get everything in order. Ohh, and Donald you are my favorite, since you my first long distance race.

I was thinking about the Princess, and I have decided not to, then I thought about doing the local A1A Half marathon, Maybe if they do not mess with my schedule at work. I am putting in for Ironman tomorrow at work. May 10-May 17. That will give me a week to hit the pavement on the bike and on foot. As much as I would love to stay right there in FT. Wilderness, I just can not swing it. So I am going to stay at one of the value resorts and ride my bike everyday over to bike Course and Run it. I can Swim in the pool everyday at the resort, or go to my gym not so far away.{can't swim in Bay Lake till the race} I will be a pass holder by then!! Thank goodness I miss my pass. Plus it will be me with out anyone to worry about for a entire week!!! Sweet!!! E and the kids will ride the train up on Friday, or Saturday early, not sure on that yet.
Now I will have a chance to do 2 sprint triathlons before the Ironman. I get 2 chances to figure out what is going to work and not work. April 3rd,And again on May 2. The May 2 triathlon is the only Olympic distance this year. Which is .93 mile swim, 26 mile bike I think, and then 6.1 mile run. And the one in MAy is also down south in Miami with the huge Rickenbacker causeway. That one is the one I can do 32 mph going down it. That is sooo cool, but scary. I know I can climb that one. So if I can do that Disney should be a breeze , right?? Nervously asking.

This is me climbing the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Now what am I doing for training?? Something clicked in my head, and my Switch is on,and I am going to train like a maniac. SO I turned my training calendar back over . BRING IT ON!!! I AM GOING TO BE SOO SORE!!! It will be well worth it. :)

I am reading a book about training. And I am learning that it is possibility that my hormones maybe imbalanced and that is why I can not shed that last 35-40. So I am going to to set an apt. with an endocrinologist.And get it balanced!!!

I am shopping for a set of tires. I want the Zipp solid tires. I am finding them on ebay way cheaper than at the bike shop. I still do not have my bike set up right. But in the training book it says it takes time to get use to the areobars. It's not as easy as it looks to stay down on the bars, when you still have a gut. :0)

SO today training goes :
lift: legs, abs and back
Swim : week 1, day 2
Bike: hill repeats
Run: 6 miler.
Intake : 1569

Oh yeah I only get 5 minutes total for transition! That's 2.5 minutes for both!! I am going to try to ride with my braces on.

The coach fell through, he never called. So E will help me out with the lift for spotting and cheer me on for running, and swimming. And he is just thinking about signing up for the 5k 2011, maybe the half, he still not sure. And no way in you know what is he going to do the marathon or the Goofy.

Post my numbers later!!
Team IronRae is a GO...


Amanda said...

You rock! I finally hear the fighter back in your voice. That's a good thing and half the battle in all of this. You can do anything you want if you put yourself first and put the work in.

The aerobars are tough - I have heard horror stories about how difficult they can be to get used to. Just be careful with them and you'll be fine. The bike will get used to you and you will get used to it.

Sorry to hear the coach didn't work out, but you can do this on your own. Put reminders of your goals everywhere you'll see them. On the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, the door to the garage, etc...Constantly remind yourself of what you're working for.

Hopefully Eric will want to do the half again - I know you'd enjoy having him do that one with you at least :)!

Matt said...

You are awesome!!! Despite all the bumps in the road, you keep going, just awesome!

Goofy keeps visiting me too... I'm scared that I may have to bail on him, but we'll see.