Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ironing Things Out

Work is pants!! As my good friend JB would say. But I made it, yesterday was crazy!
I woke up and guess what, my knee and the muscles round it were just fine. Weird.

Yesterday I tested out my body bugg. I got it Tuesday evening set it up answered all the questions. Answered them truefully. My daily calorie burn goal is 2950. I am suppose to take 10000 steps a day. I wore it to work. I actually wore it from 5:30a till 10p at night. I didn't workout yesterday, it was pouring down rain. So my total burn yesterday was 2718, and I took 5704 steps, one hour and seven minutes of moderate activity. That was my work day burn. So I am very interested in seeing what my burn is with exercise. I can't put it in water. It can handle sweating, but no shower. and no sleeping in it. I can't tell I have it on. Everyone at work noticed it. I told them that my doctor is wanting to see my numbers and this is the best way to provide them. The nutritionist will want to see it too. I can print it all out and I can post here and I can put it on Twitter and FB.

I will upload it to night for the last 2 days and I will post it tomorrow. I was lazy to day and laid round till 11:30a. Now I am ready to go swim. It is a chilly 58 here. I know to the rest of you that's not cold but for me it is. Then tomorrow will be 38. Cold run tomorrow for me.

I am in limbo, of not doing the Ironman. I have not had enough training. And I now it's paid for but I am worried I will be setting myself up to be swept. I am worried about the swim. I bet I will be in the last wave, and I will only have 1:20 to swim a mile. I do not know what to wear. I know how to set up transition, and the rest. That would not look good for lottery this year. Then I could just pound the hell out of myself and just do it. I feel lost. {my feelings, not beating self up}

And I have my triathlon season breathing down my neck.Most of this is out of town and I do not know if I can do them like last year. Now do I want to add the Goofy to this?? Yes... No... Yes...idk... oh the dilemma.

I decided to stay with my bike, and hope for the best.I may change out the handle bars to a full triathlon set up and it will lighten up my bike. And I am looking for a race rear tire. I want a solid tire. Lighter and no maintenance. I will be getting my triathlon race top from That Butt Stuff. It depends on how it feels, and if it bright enough. The cycle shirt is a tad heavy and gray and black. Otherwise I will be spending Saturday down south trying on stuff to wear. I will also be getting my Rudy sunglasses soon. {my other sponsor}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wish I was there right now. Me and E are in the last row.

I have been absent for the last little bit. I have been working like a you know what. Only one day off last week. This week I just had to say no to the overtime.

No training since the 7th? I was having some knee pain last week. Well You know me brush it off and keep going. Well now I have to wear my knee brace, or I can not walk. HOLY CATS!! I am taking it easy today. Elevating the leg, waiting for a phone apt to call so I can go to the pool. If this does not clear up by Thursday, I will be heading over to the Ortho Doctor. I haven't seen him in almost 2.5 years. I have lots of medals to show him. It does not feel like my knee joint but the muscle around the top part of the joint. I have not done any heavy training for nearly a month now.
I have the Ironman catching up to me really fast too. I have been doing upper body work out. Working on the arms and the motion with resistance for swimming. Other than that nothing.

No weight loss. Speaking of I went to my doctor's today. She did my lab work. Included allergies, and added bunch of other stuff. I will now in a week what they are. Plus she is referring me to a nutritionist. And possible in a weight program that her office does. We will know more next week. She wants me to go back and see my gyn. doctor. There maybe things going on there that could be road blocks too. {oh great} So till then we wait. My doctor's scale said 202. Mine 195. My mother's 195. Allergy testing to see what all I am allergic too. Since I am taking the Claritin for breathing while running and stuff. I told my doctor the only thing I haven't recorded is my calorie burn. I have ordered the Body Bugg, and we will get to see my calorie burn soon. She said that will be very interesting to see.
I will not be finishing the Team Voice challenge for this month. And I just all around suck this month. I am over worked and tired as H E double hockey sticks.

And stress haha... can get rid of it. I think I am a magnet for it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Venting..From the Mind of Rae

I have found out what has been making me sick now for the last three weeks. Couple of my favorite supplements that are suppose to be vegan, are not. :( So After the last bout of nausea, and sour stomach and sitting on the toilet. I read the ingredients again. The probiotics, which are really good for the gut, are made out of dairy. Red flag. This company does not even give you a allergy warning on the label like the others if there are such things in them. So I e-mailed them all about it. I am waiting for a response. I feel better today. I wasn't yesterday. And I had to work. But I made it.
And lately again the support from home has not been the greatest here. :( I have not done anything as of lately. Since I have been sick, not knowing why till now. But there is a lack of support from home. I do not know how to survive this part. I had a training buddy for the last 3 years now I do not. it's hard to get through this. Now I feel like I am setting myself up to fail. No matter how much the drive is to do the Ironman, I can not get past this. :( It's like I hit the mental wall. And I can not get through. I am off today knowing damn well I need to go swim, do hills on the bike there and I can not get myself up to go.
Why not?? I really do not know why. I feel like I am being made to do something I just do not want to do{can't believe i said that} I can not find anything I want to wear in the races, wondering if I should be looking for a wetsuit? Or should I even bother? I haven't even signed up for this race season. And paying for the entire season is way cheaper than paying per race. Less than the Goofy for the whole season.
I as well have not dropped any more weight. I am going to set up a doctor's apt.{apt time 2/23 8a} I know as hard as I work, I should be weighing less, I am not. I have my diet under control, it's the rest. I plan on taking in my food journal workout journals, my supplements. Everything.

And work has not got back to me about the time off!!!! HOLY CATS!!!!! That is so stressful. Disney had tons of great deals on the rooms, and now I can not find any. I will need 2 rooms. My Mother is going to come this time. So the kids and the adults can have there own rooms.

And teen drama as at its all time high. I mean if you are not focus on the one kid, you will be and drained from all of this. I do not remember all this crap drama from when I was a teen. What the fruit??

Do all people training for this stuff go through this?? Or is it just me?{holding back the tears} Am I really going to cross that finish line?? IS my job going to come through the time off?? I wish my damn kid would behave. What is going on with E?? I am so worried. GET up and go swim! It's only water.
What the fruit is wrong with me??

Friday, February 12, 2010

Note of Hi

Just a quick hello and update.
This week I have been working like crazy. I have put in almost 60 miles on the bike and no swimming. I know... I got to get in the pool.

The stress with family members here have been stopping me alot, and I get stressed over that. In turn it is showing up at work that I am very stress. I have to find a happy medium and stick to it. I keep being told to take some time off. I can't right now.

Eric is going to visiting his doctor about his feet. He is not doing any kind of running, until his gets seen. I am fearing its planters and he may have to stop totally. :(

So with that.. I am solo. He rides his bike out there with me.

The weather is has been nasty. Windy, rainy, more wind. ugh...I mean it's not snow, but come on, I have to get outside !!!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

IronRae 99 Days and counting.. {Long}

Well, it's seems Goofy keeps knocking on my door, bugging me about next year. I told Goofy again I need to get my Ironman set in stone first and then I will Decide on if I hang out with Goofy, or Mickey ,Or maybe even Dopey. BE patient I have to. As much as I want to jump right in, I have to get everything in order. Ohh, and Donald you are my favorite, since you my first long distance race.

I was thinking about the Princess, and I have decided not to, then I thought about doing the local A1A Half marathon, Maybe if they do not mess with my schedule at work. I am putting in for Ironman tomorrow at work. May 10-May 17. That will give me a week to hit the pavement on the bike and on foot. As much as I would love to stay right there in FT. Wilderness, I just can not swing it. So I am going to stay at one of the value resorts and ride my bike everyday over to bike Course and Run it. I can Swim in the pool everyday at the resort, or go to my gym not so far away.{can't swim in Bay Lake till the race} I will be a pass holder by then!! Thank goodness I miss my pass. Plus it will be me with out anyone to worry about for a entire week!!! Sweet!!! E and the kids will ride the train up on Friday, or Saturday early, not sure on that yet.
Now I will have a chance to do 2 sprint triathlons before the Ironman. I get 2 chances to figure out what is going to work and not work. April 3rd,And again on May 2. The May 2 triathlon is the only Olympic distance this year. Which is .93 mile swim, 26 mile bike I think, and then 6.1 mile run. And the one in MAy is also down south in Miami with the huge Rickenbacker causeway. That one is the one I can do 32 mph going down it. That is sooo cool, but scary. I know I can climb that one. So if I can do that Disney should be a breeze , right?? Nervously asking.

This is me climbing the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Now what am I doing for training?? Something clicked in my head, and my Switch is on,and I am going to train like a maniac. SO I turned my training calendar back over . BRING IT ON!!! I AM GOING TO BE SOO SORE!!! It will be well worth it. :)

I am reading a book about training. And I am learning that it is possibility that my hormones maybe imbalanced and that is why I can not shed that last 35-40. So I am going to to set an apt. with an endocrinologist.And get it balanced!!!

I am shopping for a set of tires. I want the Zipp solid tires. I am finding them on ebay way cheaper than at the bike shop. I still do not have my bike set up right. But in the training book it says it takes time to get use to the areobars. It's not as easy as it looks to stay down on the bars, when you still have a gut. :0)

SO today training goes :
lift: legs, abs and back
Swim : week 1, day 2
Bike: hill repeats
Run: 6 miler.
Intake : 1569

Oh yeah I only get 5 minutes total for transition! That's 2.5 minutes for both!! I am going to try to ride with my braces on.

The coach fell through, he never called. So E will help me out with the lift for spotting and cheer me on for running, and swimming. And he is just thinking about signing up for the 5k 2011, maybe the half, he still not sure. And no way in you know what is he going to do the marathon or the Goofy.

Post my numbers later!!
Team IronRae is a GO...

Friday, February 5, 2010

What A Week...Updated

This week has been as crazy one. Work has been Pants!! {as JB would say} I have been sick from all the stress from work and the teen drama going on here. FJ went missing for a little over 24+ hours. It drove everyone crazy. And he came home like it was nothing. Needless to say, he will be paying for this.
I have been physically sick. Sour stomach and everything!!! Today is better. I want to go run and swim today,but I have to sit here and wait for other things to follow before I can go. :(

It is looking more and more likely Goofy 2011 maybe Dopey. :) I can not wait!!! And I am looking forward to the Wine and Dine half, and now the 5k with the NSSHP ticket!!!! Wooohooo! I may be able to get my younger one to do the 5k for that.

Ironman... Sigh.... I am freaking out.

I need to swim.And it looks like I need to swim everyday nearly. I am looking at going up in March to ride and run. No swimming in Bay Lake. SO I will have to try to get out there at the beach a swim to the buoy and back. I have not found what I am going to wear. i don't want to wear a one piece in case I have to use the potty,And I don't want a top and bottoms where my middle is showing. I found a company they will make a custom tri suit. I am going to find out what it will cost to get in in all black and then the yellow and Team Voice on the front with my other sponsors on it. I think i would look funny out there in all yellow with black lines. :* And you can watch it on the internet. Universal Sports. Maybe you can see me somewhere!!! I know for sure crossing the finish line!!!!

Tomorrow I weigh in. I am not expecting anything since I haven't done much with all this drama. We will see.

I couldn't sleep tonight so I put the bike on the trainer and did a easy spin of 10 miles in 27:36, then I jumped off and jumped right on the treadmill,aka Dreadmill and started running. I ran the first half mile and the lung burn kick in. So I did forget to take the Claratin.I walked and ran intervals. E fell asleep on the couch and I got stuck watching TMZ.Holy Cats how lame. Mile and ahalf I started to get the cold sweats and shakes. I thought about stopping. But I didn't. I kept going. I started to get the sour stomach too. Man that last half mile seem really long. Then out of the blue I hear in the back of my head, Keep going you can do this. I agreed. I made my 2 miles in 33 minutes. Great. I guess that's not to bad after being ill this week. And being able to actually eat normal today.
I plan on the pool tomorrow morning then come home and rest. Then go ride my bike at the park and come home and rest. Then get my 6 miler in.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Juggling Act

Can you believe it is February??

I wish I could beat up the wall, like the photo.

My RTD mile for Jan. are 54.5. That;s it. Shame on me. Feb. I plan on 100+, and I will try to dethrone Stroller Boy for holding the most mileage as of yet for this year. :)

For club 8 -2. Hey It is better than nothing.

No mileage yesterday, I worked 16 hours . Got home are midnight. Got to save some extra for Ironman.

I am going to be honest here. Over the weekend, I was planning on quitting. WAIT !!! Hear me out.
It seems that the family aka Kids, seem to think when I am training it is free rein on the house and everything and they do not have to listen to anyone. I think it is the age. And then they will try you are never home always work or working out. BUT when I am home they are not. So what is the difference?? Saturday I had put my bike outside,trying to get rid if it. I put all my gear and everything outside. I was done at this point. {Eric kept bringing it back in}

Then my daughter later comes to me and said. Mom you can not quit. You have worked to hard, and I know I have not been very nice. I will try to stop being so selfish. And you will be very unhappy, and we do not want to feel the wrath of that. Now FJ he just is out in left field and thinks I am doing all of this to make him mad and jealous. {the unfortunate event of a brain that does not work on all 8 cylinders} It is hard to explain something to someone who does not understand, the drive and the need to want this like I do. FJ just doesn't "get it". I have Eric still I am not doing another marathon attitude. And will not go out with me even ride hid bike so can have some support.

So I am back on board. Running off the drive I need to do this. Why do I need to do this?? Because I can. Because I do not want to sit around all my life, and let things pass me by. Just like the guy last year we met during the half, who was 5 months out of total hip replacement surgery doing the Goofy!!! And Rudy doing the Ironman with no leg muscles, just glutes and back muscles. Me I just have some arthritis in the one knee, breathing off a little. My Jan. ended poorly. As you can see my mileage suffered. So this month. Rain,shine Heat,mad family,work, I have to train.

Not word from Coach. :(