Sunday, October 18, 2009

What A Way To Finish A Season

What a nice weekend.

We went to see the Disney Christmas Carol train. That was neat. Had to stand in line for 2.5 hours , and then we got to go on it. I have never been a a train before till then. It was fun, who would have thought we would go wait in a line in the train yard to see a train?

Race day. And cool and crisp 57 this morning and the wind was kicking it up to about 14-18mph plus the gust were around 20mph. Even though we got there early we still got stuck parking way out. Racked my bike, got marked, picked up chips. And still had time to spare. It was down right cold with the wind blowing. I started to worry about my biking time,and my lungs with the cold air. We didn't get eased into the cooler weather, we were dumped into it. This was one race I was glad not to be swimming in.
7a it is still dark. So our start was delayed for a few minutes waiting for the sun to come up.
I am already excited that this is my last duathlon, headed to age group triathlon. We are off, and about a minute in my lungs felt like they were going to come out of my chest. Not use to the cold air. I did my sprint in 11:54, 4 minutes slower than last one, running in a head wind. T1 was good, and I ran in and out, mounted my bike little over a minute. And then all the sudden I realized this ride is going to be real hard. Head wind, moving along about 16-18moh, and then we did the turn around to head back out and the head wind was so strong it was blowing all us across the road, and I could only pedal at 13-15 mph. My breathing was so off, I could not get down in my aero bars. Lap 2 I almost wiped out .A gust a wind came at me in a turn and another person was passing me I almost ran into the curb on my right from the gust of wind. I would have taken out the other rider too. By the time I made it back to T2 my legs felt so numb from being cold,I had a hard time getting off my bike.{41:11} I got off And I ran, racked it, tore off the helmet, and jogged out.All I could do the way my legs were feeling. Walking made them hurt.
All I know was I had to beat my time.

It wasn't about beating anyone but me.
The last 2.5 miles I did, was my best ever. 33:26
I did it I beat my time. 1:29:16. It the worse racing conditions yet for me and I did it.
Next season age group, I know what times I have to beat, or get close too. So training doesn't stop here, I have the full marathon. 26.2 My longest race challenge yet. WOW!!!

So now when it is windy out I have to go run in to it, and bike in it. I have to train really hard.

I have to give Justin a huge shout out for finishing the Full marathon today. You are awesome.
And a really big CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan and Amber. They are parents!!!!!!!

Team Voice In Training ,the meets are being finalized for Marathon weekend 2010, Already planning for the Goofy 2011,Disney will be 40, so will I. I can not wait for the party to being!!!! Looking into the next year's new Half in October and the 5k. My Team Voice member of the month did not get back to me for this month sorry about that. I havethe rest of them lined up.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend, I am going to go take a nap. :)

For some reason I can not up load pictures when I can I will post them.


MikeF. said...

Congrats Rae on pushing through all the obsticals that nature threw at you and finishing! Can not wait for January! I think about it every day.

Chris said...

Woooooohooo Rae! Great job on the Duathalon. Goofy in 2011, glad there will be others. :-)

Amanda said...

Amazing job on the race. You're making such great progress!!

I want to do the new 1/2 next year too - sounds so fun, but I also have the DL 1/2 so I'm not sure I can do all three next year - going to try though :)!

Jeff W. said...

Congratulations Rae! Way to beat your time!

DebWDW said...

You continue to amaze me!! Congrats on accomplishing so much this year!!