Sunday, October 11, 2009

What And Where Have I Been?

Yesterday I battled with head pain. The night before I hardly slept.
I watched live the Ironman Kona. the triathlon of all,the race I spire to do. I had to watch it on the web, tv was playing football and golf.
So I just rested. Ice and staying off my left side. I was excited to watch this great race.
Then I got this email and it made me very happy. So happy I became emotional. We are going to Disney in December!!!! It's only for 2 days, no parks just happy to be there with the family and meet our newest member of the family. Get to see the resorts in holiday glory, maybe Cheif Mickey.i want to hug Mickey really bad!!!! I will be taking my bike so I can do the half ironman ride. I have the directions, and friends up there that know it well.

And if everything goes to plan, fingers crossed by next Friday we will be setting plans in stone for Jan. 2010.
Back to this amazing race. Our time 12:45 there time 6:45a and it just finished up as I was getting ready for work this morning. All the different people of different ages and life issues they had to go through before Kona. Inspiring. Here I sit with a little jaw pain not doing a thing,stressing out worrying if I am going to make it to the marathon weekend.
Even if we have to stay off site no parks, I have to be ready for the mileage, and pace. Crap!! What have I been doing?? Feeling sorry for myself, instead of working through it. Then I got a text message, it said "Chris finished in 4:30ish"!!!
I was jumping up and down, E thought I was nuts, I told him.
There was this man doing the ironman with no legs. I mean none, no glutes,no hamstring, and he did it!!
Holy Cats!!
I have to set goals here. First next Sunday is my last duathlon for the season!! That means I got to get in the pool, hit the beach once in a while. Feb. Is around the corner my first triathlon. Crap!! I got to get my head, neck better. I will figured out how to work around it. I have too.
I am venting, and babbling,had a light bulb moment. Somewhere in me yesterday I woke up. I do not know if it was the race,going to Disney in Dec. Or the combination of it all.

I am back and I am moving forward.

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MikeF. said...

Welcome back. You were greatly missed.

Chris said...

Great to hear from ya! Is the Kona race stored on-line somewhere? I love that race and kinda bummed that I missed it...

Also, looking forward to the post that say's "I'm going to Disney World in Jan!" :-)

Jeff W. said...

Welcome back. Glad to see a return of motivation. Your in control.

Amanda said...

Awesome Rae! I'm getting back in to it to. I did a nice little vent on my blog yesterday and it started to put things in perspective for me.

You're going to do great. Glad things are starting to get in to place for you!