Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

This week is almost gone. Headed into the weekend. I have to work, :( but at least I am working.
Tonight I am going to go and meet up with a local group and do a run/walk. And see if I like them and if so I will join their group so I can train. I also found a cycling group that rides everyday. I thought on Friday am I would go check them out and see if I like them. If so I will join that group to ride with for training.

Tuesday we did a long wog/walk. We did it during the warmest part of the day, and ended up with a head wind for over 5 miles. We did 11.5 miles and we hit every single light at every single intersection. E average it out and we wasted 30 minutes at the lights. We had a horrible time, 3 hours, and I was very sore yesterday from it. So I had a rest day. When you look at the full marathon map we made it to the outside of the magic kingdom. I did at least break the 10 mile!!

Today I was going to start it yesterday, will be cycle drills week 2 day 1. I haven't looked at the training program yet so I do not know the intensity of it yet.

We are going to Disney in Dec. Staying at Pop. I will be doing my first training ride for the half ironman. I am looking into some of the other running trails they have there to try out. I am finding out that the weekend we are going to be there, it is also the non mouse fest weekend and alot of us are going to be there. I am working on were we are going to be staying in Jan. I am shooting for Pop or All Stars.

Weigh in this Saturday. Maybe another loss. I started my weight count over. October I turned all my counts back to zero. Waiting on my new food scale to get here. I am finding out family members are also back on track and I can't wait to see them in Dec!!!!

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice, keep moving FORWARD!!


Chris said...

Great job on keeping consistent with the training, Rae (and E!). Don't get caught up in the "time" for your workouts, I do that myself and it really doesn't matter too much come race day. The real guage is the consistency of the work you put in. Or at least that's what works for me. So scratch that, do whatever works for you! :-)

I'm sure you guys will have a great time in December. I'll have to make it down during that time one of these years. It always seems to fall on my B-day, so maybe I can leverage that at some point.

Amanda said...

I'll be curious to know how the groups are. I've often thought about joining one of the local running clubs, but i've been so inconsistent lately.

You're going to have a great time in December. You could do the nature trail between Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness or the path between the Poly and GF. Both are nice places to run.

Good luck picking a place for Jan!