Friday, October 16, 2009

Are You Ready?

This week I have been so sore from training. My glutes and inner thighs make it hard to sit down. I feel like one of those wind up toys. All for good reasons. No more squats until after the duathlon. I have been doing my cycling drills. Yesterday was my longest one yet, 48 minutes of 4 sprints for 4 minutes at 95 rpm, with a 3 minute recovery light spin. Today is just an easy 30 minute spin. I am going to have to get a new tire for racing so I do not use the same one for training.
I didn't get my run and swim in yesterday. We didn't get all of our daily household duties done and then 3 hours of drama. {rolling eyes} . I have to get in the pool. Tomorrow is weigh in.
I found another triathlon in March down here which is a qualifier for the Olympics and it has pay outs. I have been thinking that that race would be good to have on my resume of races for Kona 2011.
So I have found a training group and cycling group that rides everyday. Which works for me since my schedule is never the same. This is all starting to come together. And its scary and exciting and WOW!!! NO wait....HOLY CATS!!!! I am really doing this.

So when I cross the finish line Sunday morning that's it, no more duathlons. WOW!!!! And it is going to be 62 degrees Sunday morning !!!! WOW!!! I will have to wear my skin like I did at the half marathon.

I think I have dragged it out long enough, I am sooooooooo sadden to say that I must report that the WDW full marathon Weekend is going to Have US IN IT!!!!!! Yyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhaaaa!!!!
Here we come!!!! I can't believe it. All the extra hours and number crunching, we are coming.
SO half marathoners, I will be out there on my bike cheer all of you on from the beginning to the end. I will make my way to the start line since I will not be able to get in to the early am meet. I will have my Team Voice shirt on on my yellow bike. We will not be able to join everyone in the parks after the race, but we can on Sunday after the full. I am torn if I want to go into the MK and enjoy it before they start the changing of the park or go to Epcot. I have to be able to see Mickey So I can take my picture with him. What to do.

Has anyone looked at the full marathon map?? What is the deal with the red, blue and yellow start, and they keep us in Epcot for the first 5 miles of the race. We are really doing this. I wish I could find a wireless camera I would wear on me to record it as a live stream. That would be cool. I will have My Pal Mickey with me again and I and making him his shirt. It's hard to make it with his head, and he has running shoes now.

The Longhorn Ironman is this weekend, go to to watch it.


Chris said...

Wow, chock full of info! Where do I start...

Great work on the training and good luck on the upcoming last Duathalon.

Great news on marathon weekend, glad you'll be there cheering us on for the half. :-)

I know I'm looking foward to running the full in 2011, or the Goof for that matter....

Jeff W. said...

So glad to hear that your plans have come together for January. It's exciting to read about how you have jumped back into training mode. Good job.

I will certainly be looking for you and your bike. Sounds like a nice way to hop around and hopefully catch a number of team mates out on the course.

For the marathon you will be assigned to either the red or blue start. Each leads off differently and then converge into the marked yellow mileage. I'm sure this is done to help spread out the mass of marathon runners. Best wishes on the upcoming dual.

Amanda said...

Yeah - so glad you're going to make it for marathon weekend! That's awesome - can't wait to see you!

Great job with the training and races. You've really done an amazing job!