Friday, October 30, 2009

Longest Week, Happy Halloween

This week has been busy. Specially adding in all the working out and training for the WDW full marathon/Ironman. Yesterday was my first rest day. And today I can actually sit without my backside being sore. I was suppose to go on a group bike ride this am but I got lost. Yes I did. I don't know the area they were meeting up in and well I was lost.

Tomorrow is weigh in. I can't wait. I have been staying on track and making sure I eat ever 4 hours and not straying off course. I can't wait till Saturday!!! I love Halloween. I get to dress up and it is my large calorie day!!! And I get to go have a treat.WooooHooooo.

I can not believe this is the end of October already. Amazing. Before you know it the marathon weekend will be here. WoooooHooooo!!!!

So this is going to be short got to go swim and all that fun stuff. Have a great weekend!!!
Happy Halloween.

Team Voice keep moving forward.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Weekend

Good early morning! Weighed in this morning,no change. Headed off to work today. Wondering were I am going today.

Tomorrow I start my new, demanding training schedule. E and sat down and worked out a schedule around my work days, with beginner swimming drills. I have been meal planning and seperating and getting everything ready. I am back on my calorie counting, eating every 4hours,have my set up to let know when it's time. And this will steal time from my family, but this is what I have to do to do what I want to do.
The riding group never got back to me not sure how to take that. Maybe just show up,not sure.

Did you know that 3500 calories is equal to one pound?? If you eat 500 less in calories you can drop a pound?? Or if you ate 250 less calories,and exercised and burned 250 calories you will loose a pound in a week??
Just a fun fact.

Congradulations to Jonathan and Amber,they FINALLY got to take Elizabeth home!!! Yay!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

This week is almost gone. Headed into the weekend. I have to work, :( but at least I am working.
Tonight I am going to go and meet up with a local group and do a run/walk. And see if I like them and if so I will join their group so I can train. I also found a cycling group that rides everyday. I thought on Friday am I would go check them out and see if I like them. If so I will join that group to ride with for training.

Tuesday we did a long wog/walk. We did it during the warmest part of the day, and ended up with a head wind for over 5 miles. We did 11.5 miles and we hit every single light at every single intersection. E average it out and we wasted 30 minutes at the lights. We had a horrible time, 3 hours, and I was very sore yesterday from it. So I had a rest day. When you look at the full marathon map we made it to the outside of the magic kingdom. I did at least break the 10 mile!!

Today I was going to start it yesterday, will be cycle drills week 2 day 1. I haven't looked at the training program yet so I do not know the intensity of it yet.

We are going to Disney in Dec. Staying at Pop. I will be doing my first training ride for the half ironman. I am looking into some of the other running trails they have there to try out. I am finding out that the weekend we are going to be there, it is also the non mouse fest weekend and alot of us are going to be there. I am working on were we are going to be staying in Jan. I am shooting for Pop or All Stars.

Weigh in this Saturday. Maybe another loss. I started my weight count over. October I turned all my counts back to zero. Waiting on my new food scale to get here. I am finding out family members are also back on track and I can't wait to see them in Dec!!!!

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice, keep moving FORWARD!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What A Way To Finish A Season

What a nice weekend.

We went to see the Disney Christmas Carol train. That was neat. Had to stand in line for 2.5 hours , and then we got to go on it. I have never been a a train before till then. It was fun, who would have thought we would go wait in a line in the train yard to see a train?

Race day. And cool and crisp 57 this morning and the wind was kicking it up to about 14-18mph plus the gust were around 20mph. Even though we got there early we still got stuck parking way out. Racked my bike, got marked, picked up chips. And still had time to spare. It was down right cold with the wind blowing. I started to worry about my biking time,and my lungs with the cold air. We didn't get eased into the cooler weather, we were dumped into it. This was one race I was glad not to be swimming in.
7a it is still dark. So our start was delayed for a few minutes waiting for the sun to come up.
I am already excited that this is my last duathlon, headed to age group triathlon. We are off, and about a minute in my lungs felt like they were going to come out of my chest. Not use to the cold air. I did my sprint in 11:54, 4 minutes slower than last one, running in a head wind. T1 was good, and I ran in and out, mounted my bike little over a minute. And then all the sudden I realized this ride is going to be real hard. Head wind, moving along about 16-18moh, and then we did the turn around to head back out and the head wind was so strong it was blowing all us across the road, and I could only pedal at 13-15 mph. My breathing was so off, I could not get down in my aero bars. Lap 2 I almost wiped out .A gust a wind came at me in a turn and another person was passing me I almost ran into the curb on my right from the gust of wind. I would have taken out the other rider too. By the time I made it back to T2 my legs felt so numb from being cold,I had a hard time getting off my bike.{41:11} I got off And I ran, racked it, tore off the helmet, and jogged out.All I could do the way my legs were feeling. Walking made them hurt.
All I know was I had to beat my time.

It wasn't about beating anyone but me.
The last 2.5 miles I did, was my best ever. 33:26
I did it I beat my time. 1:29:16. It the worse racing conditions yet for me and I did it.
Next season age group, I know what times I have to beat, or get close too. So training doesn't stop here, I have the full marathon. 26.2 My longest race challenge yet. WOW!!!

So now when it is windy out I have to go run in to it, and bike in it. I have to train really hard.

I have to give Justin a huge shout out for finishing the Full marathon today. You are awesome.
And a really big CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan and Amber. They are parents!!!!!!!

Team Voice In Training ,the meets are being finalized for Marathon weekend 2010, Already planning for the Goofy 2011,Disney will be 40, so will I. I can not wait for the party to being!!!! Looking into the next year's new Half in October and the 5k. My Team Voice member of the month did not get back to me for this month sorry about that. I havethe rest of them lined up.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend, I am going to go take a nap. :)

For some reason I can not up load pictures when I can I will post them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Are You Ready?

This week I have been so sore from training. My glutes and inner thighs make it hard to sit down. I feel like one of those wind up toys. All for good reasons. No more squats until after the duathlon. I have been doing my cycling drills. Yesterday was my longest one yet, 48 minutes of 4 sprints for 4 minutes at 95 rpm, with a 3 minute recovery light spin. Today is just an easy 30 minute spin. I am going to have to get a new tire for racing so I do not use the same one for training.
I didn't get my run and swim in yesterday. We didn't get all of our daily household duties done and then 3 hours of drama. {rolling eyes} . I have to get in the pool. Tomorrow is weigh in.
I found another triathlon in March down here which is a qualifier for the Olympics and it has pay outs. I have been thinking that that race would be good to have on my resume of races for Kona 2011.
So I have found a training group and cycling group that rides everyday. Which works for me since my schedule is never the same. This is all starting to come together. And its scary and exciting and WOW!!! NO wait....HOLY CATS!!!! I am really doing this.

So when I cross the finish line Sunday morning that's it, no more duathlons. WOW!!!! And it is going to be 62 degrees Sunday morning !!!! WOW!!! I will have to wear my skin like I did at the half marathon.

I think I have dragged it out long enough, I am sooooooooo sadden to say that I must report that the WDW full marathon Weekend is going to Have US IN IT!!!!!! Yyyyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhaaaa!!!!
Here we come!!!! I can't believe it. All the extra hours and number crunching, we are coming.
SO half marathoners, I will be out there on my bike cheer all of you on from the beginning to the end. I will make my way to the start line since I will not be able to get in to the early am meet. I will have my Team Voice shirt on on my yellow bike. We will not be able to join everyone in the parks after the race, but we can on Sunday after the full. I am torn if I want to go into the MK and enjoy it before they start the changing of the park or go to Epcot. I have to be able to see Mickey So I can take my picture with him. What to do.

Has anyone looked at the full marathon map?? What is the deal with the red, blue and yellow start, and they keep us in Epcot for the first 5 miles of the race. We are really doing this. I wish I could find a wireless camera I would wear on me to record it as a live stream. That would be cool. I will have My Pal Mickey with me again and I and making him his shirt. It's hard to make it with his head, and he has running shoes now.

The Longhorn Ironman is this weekend, go to to watch it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training 101 UPdated

Think I am going to need that energy bar!!
4.1 miles in 1:01:40
4 minutes slower than the last time I did a run. Lungs were not happy but I worked through it.
Monday work, came home exhausted
Bike drills
30 minute easy spin 82-92 rpm and be able to talk. 11.33 miles at 22mph
40 minutes on dreadmill 3.97 miles and no breaks
resistance circuit done
Wednesday work
early am 2.0 miles


15’ warm up. Then 4x4’ at 55-65 RPMS. Recovery is 3’ easy spinning between sets. Easy 5' cool down.

Thursday{gonna try to work}
dreadmill incline sprints
30’ easy spin, keep the effort conversational and the cadence between 85-92 RPM.
resistance workout

This Sunday is my last Duathlon. My last race of the season. I will get my bonus points, still in second place for points{ and this race will put me in first I think}, and I am going to make it under 1:30!!!! I have too.
Because I have to start next season in my age group, part of requirements for Kona and I have to be in the top 5. In every race. I am not sure where I need to place in the half iron in May.I know the women in my age group are getting the race done in 1:10-1:15. I have alot of work ahead of me. And I am working on my long distance pace,I want to be under 6 hours. I am planning on wearing a Hammer Nutrition shirt during next season. Why?? Well if I can place in my age group and I have on a shirt of theirs, send them the results, with picture in there shirt I can earn credit for their products that I use. That would help me out alot. Or they send you a check.

And Chris is where I watched the Kona, and they air all the ironmans there and marathons like this past Chicago. I was at work. Uncut live races. Maybe they will have a section to watch some of it.

I want to apologize for not getting any shirts made for Jan. 2010, they will come later in 2010.And I want to apologize for not getting the Team Voice member of the month up, they did not get back to me.

I got to come up with a training name for Ironman 2010..ideas??

Disney trip news fingers crossed!!! This week is dragging..

I am going to have E twitter for me this Sunday during the race. And post pictures. I am just not able to do that. So if you don't Twitter try it. It's not as bad as you think, and I am Runnerrae on there. I won a sun hat last weekend, while twittering and watching the race.

This weekend here is a busy one.
Saturday is K mart Cars Collector Day, the Steeda stampede, and the train is here!!!!! I have to go see it!! That over rides going to Steeda. Packet pick up and then heading out to see the train.
What train are you talking about Rae?The Disney Christmas Train.

Update after I am done!! Waving....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What And Where Have I Been?

Yesterday I battled with head pain. The night before I hardly slept.
I watched live the Ironman Kona. the triathlon of all,the race I spire to do. I had to watch it on the web, tv was playing football and golf.
So I just rested. Ice and staying off my left side. I was excited to watch this great race.
Then I got this email and it made me very happy. So happy I became emotional. We are going to Disney in December!!!! It's only for 2 days, no parks just happy to be there with the family and meet our newest member of the family. Get to see the resorts in holiday glory, maybe Cheif Mickey.i want to hug Mickey really bad!!!! I will be taking my bike so I can do the half ironman ride. I have the directions, and friends up there that know it well.

And if everything goes to plan, fingers crossed by next Friday we will be setting plans in stone for Jan. 2010.
Back to this amazing race. Our time 12:45 there time 6:45a and it just finished up as I was getting ready for work this morning. All the different people of different ages and life issues they had to go through before Kona. Inspiring. Here I sit with a little jaw pain not doing a thing,stressing out worrying if I am going to make it to the marathon weekend.
Even if we have to stay off site no parks, I have to be ready for the mileage, and pace. Crap!! What have I been doing?? Feeling sorry for myself, instead of working through it. Then I got a text message, it said "Chris finished in 4:30ish"!!!
I was jumping up and down, E thought I was nuts, I told him.
There was this man doing the ironman with no legs. I mean none, no glutes,no hamstring, and he did it!!
Holy Cats!!
I have to set goals here. First next Sunday is my last duathlon for the season!! That means I got to get in the pool, hit the beach once in a while. Feb. Is around the corner my first triathlon. Crap!! I got to get my head, neck better. I will figured out how to work around it. I have too.
I am venting, and babbling,had a light bulb moment. Somewhere in me yesterday I woke up. I do not know if it was the race,going to Disney in Dec. Or the combination of it all.

I am back and I am moving forward.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

From The Rae Phone

Trying out the blogger app on my iPhone. So far so good.

I have been absent from the boards,blogs,and running. I have not done a thing in 30 days. By next Friday I will know for sure if we will be making it to marathon weekend.

Other than that nothing new.

I hope to see this soon.
I am working alot so fingers crossed!

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