Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Keep On Swimming....????

First off A great big ole congratulations to Jonathan for finishing his second Half Marathon.
You crosses that finish line,you pushed through and you finished.

Now I want to introduce Team Voice to my trainer. This is Isabeau. Here is her link to her new blog. Please go say hi ti her. She knows how to say things just the right way. And check out her web page. She has updated it. Rock Hard Body and Soul. You can see her before and after photos. I am waiting to here from her on an interesting question I have asked her I and I will let you all in on it when I get an answer.

My weigh in this week was well down!!!! -2!! 193. Yay!!!!! And I am under the weather again and I have a race this Saturday. I am worried I will be hitting the wall . I will see how I feel later in the week. My bike has a flat and I have to find the leak. So far no luck. Grrr....

Do you all remember this??

This grand veiw the goal Team Voice has set out to see, to run through, to be apart of. Remeber how scared and intemadaited we all were at the 13.1 miles?? How the beep am I going to get here?? Do you remember all the training and hard work you and I have had to put in to get here?? SO.... do not forget it. TO do it again we all have to work hard and figured out how the beep to get in the miles. Ya know we all should be doing long runs of at least 10 miles by now?? Specially those of us who are doing the the full 26.2 miles?? Holy Cats I can't believe I am going to do it.
So that means doing local races that do not have the Disney magic and finding out what works and does not work so you can enjoy the Disney race right??? In 2010 I will not be in the half, but I will be out there cheering everyone on... I will be somewhere out there on the course following up on those who I can keep up with. We have only 6 months to go time, and that means alot of work.
Anyone thought about a Team Voice Meet??2010 How about the dole whip meet?? Just because our fearless leader will not be there in the physical form doesn't mean we can have fun. What about dinner before the race?? Where is everyone and there spirit???

Or did everyone stop swimming??


Justin said...

Me stop swimming? Are you kidding me?

I am so neck deep in non-Disney-magical races that my head is spinning. The next race being considered? The 4th of July Villisca Axe Murder Family Fun Run. (Not the official name, but I'll explain why I use that term on my blog later today). This one is pretty non-Disney. The jury is still out on doing this race, but I'm leaning toward doing it.

A Dole-whip meet would be cool again this year. If we're doing a dinner before the race, let's start banging out ideas now. After all, we've only got 103 days before we need to make ADR's.

Amanda said...

I'm here...I wasn't with you guys last year, but I'll be there in 2010 - of course that may depend on whether or not I still have a job ;).

I'm training - just not getting the miles in I want. No races in AZ in the summer...You'd have to be crazy to run in 104 degrees...Wait didn't I just do that tonight...Yep, and I'm still paying for it :)!

I'll do Dole Whips, dinner, rides, whatever. Let me know what you need help with and I'll be glad to pitch in!

Thanks for the links to Isabeau too :)!

DebWDW said...

That's the kind of rah-rah we need more of! And congrats on the 2 lbs!!

MikeF. said...

Now that's the Rae we have been missing. Glad to have you back! ;)

Jeff W. said...

I would like to see a couple meets as well. Just was not sure when to bring it up.

We can float ideas around. I'm open to what ever and this year if we do a pre race meal Count me down for two.

Aloha Isle is always a fine choice for me.

I was going to through out the idea of a weekend wrap-up Lapu Lapu meet over at Poly for those who are interested.

Princess Fee said...

Congrats on the loss!!!!! :D And what a great post!!!

I will be with you all in spirit in 2010!!!

Matt said...

Excellent post! Glad to have the old Rae back!

I'm up for any thing! Let's just have to dole whip meet on another day other than Sunday, so I can take part.