Friday, June 12, 2009

Slow and Steady

"It's sublime thing to suffer and be stronger."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The statement above is so true. I am a little sore today. Started my new new training plan. I have been getting up nearly every morning to run 2-2.5 miles. I am so proud of myself. :)
Today I did the #3 workout since I have to work this weekend and it was a bit of a challenge for me, and I have to say I am going to be sore in the morning.

I am going to register for the next Duathlon on July 4th. I can't wait.

Good luck to Matt tomorrow on the Half Marathon I will be waiting to hear how you do. :)
I am so behind on the blogs and podcast, and everything Disney. I have been training.

I got a new coffee machine. I got the Kureig. {Sp} I love it. I can make coffee, hot cocoa, tea hot water. It is the best. And it is fast too.

I found a full marathon in November near the Kennedy Space center. It is the closest full until Jan. I have been thinking about committing to it and WDW would be so much sweeter after I did one and see what I can improve on so I can have fun in Jan.2010. We will see.

The weather here is so hot, and humid. I can't stand it. I do not know how people get out there and run in it. It takes alot of of me just to do a half mile.

Have a great weekend!!!


[rich] said...

Well done on getting out of the door early :-)

Princess Fee said...

Way to go on getting up and out and doing those miles so early! I don't blame you - I have no idea how anyone runs in the hot and humid Florida weather... I find it tough enough (but nice!) when it's just vageuly hot and sunny here!

Look forward to hearing how the next Dualathon goes!

MikeF. said...

How have you been doing?

Chris said...

I'm behind too! 2-2.5 miles running, wow, see...I have been out of it. That's so awesome Rae! Very proud of your outstanding work. :-)

I'm just getting back up to speed on the run front. 1 and 2 mile runs over the weekend. Slowly but surely...