Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ok here I am the evening before the race. I am soooooooo excited I am not going to get alot of sleep.

The prerace meet was like a beginner meeting. I mean so new they were telling you what to eat not to eat, what to do in the morning before the race. They want us to ride our bikes in the morning. No way, I am going to do what works for me, not what works for them. I know to eat and not to eat.
Then they tell you to pass on a bike which was good because I would not have known that. No drafting while riding, it is a penalty. And what will get you disqualified is that in transition while getting ready to ride your bike, you must put your helmet on first and snap the straps. If you do not, your done. I am not going to carrying Mickey with me in this race, because I have to find out if I can. I do not think I can. But My daughter is going to carry him for me.

The weather has been good in the morning then about noon the skies open up and just pour. WE plan on cooking out after the race. {weather pending} I will not be carrying my phone on me. E will have it, And as soon as I am done and get my times I will let everyone know!!!!

I love the aerobars, you can get down low and I can mantain a 3 minute mile.
I have all my gear ready, bib on my Team Voice shirt, and I have my feather in hand, got my gu, got an engery bar, water and my garmin. And bug spray. Holy Cats the bugs could carry you off there was so many.
So this is it. This race will tell me if I will be doing anymore of this after today. And the wind was blowing from west to east. Ok {waving} See ya after the race!!!

{the number is my bib number} PS I will post the next Team Voice Member of the Month tomorrow!!!


Jeff W. said...

Have Great Race Rae!!! Skype me later in the day it you get a chance. I will be at work until 7pm central time.

Justin said...

You are probably doing your race as I post this. Good luck! Have a great time. Can't wait to hear about your experience with the event.

Amanda said...

Good call. Go with what you know works instead of messing with the day of the race!