Friday, February 20, 2009

To Try A Tri, Or Not To Tri Is The Question

I am registered for the Princess Half. It is just me registered. E is very ill, and will not be running. His breathing off and the Doctor said no. :( So now I will be alone in the race. This will be my first race without my running buddy. WOW!

Tomorrow will start my new gym membership. I will be in the pool. I will be trying to swim 10 laps. That is a half mile. I want to work up to 20 laps laps in the pool.That is one mile.

Well the other crazy thing I did was I bought a triathlon bike. I bit the bullet and I was fitted to the bike and found the same bike on line for way cheaper than in the shop. The only thing is I have to wait to see what kind of clip pedals it has so I know what riding shoes I will be buying.And get the aero grips. I also bought the book called The Triathlon Bible. Man what a great book. It breaks down the body mechanics of the body down and why we build up lactate acid. And I should start consuming way more protein than I am.{ yes can you believe the bike is yellow??} Hahaha

Disney has a triathlon in May and it is not found under the Wide World of Sports. It's actually under Danskin. And there is also one going to be in Miami at the end of May 2009. I can do the biking and the 5k, the swimming I will have to work on. I can ride the bike park of the race for the tri here and use it for my long riding miles. I will have to alternate between the long runs and biking.

So I am going to comment to this. New core exercises too.

Ok the Goofy is at 85%. I think I am scared to hit that button. I know I can do it, but I just haven't. Not sure if I want to save it for 2011, and just do the full.

Any new Team Voice Challenges??


Chris said...

Bike looks way cool, I'm jealous. Just don't have the dinero right now to get a bike myself. Will definitley be getting one next year though as I'm planning on doing some kind of Ironman or triathalon in 2011.

Also, wait on the Goofy till 2011, that's when I plan on doing it! ;-) Seriously, just do whatever you thing you'll be able to dedicate the time to. Sounds like you have a pretty ambitious race plan for the year so I don't think that you'd be dissapointed if you just went for the full in 2010. I'd do the full next year if not for two things, one is that my wife is going to be doing the half and I want to run with her and second, I need to be home Sunday night for my MBA class on Monday. Will be glad to graduate in June 2010 and done with the whole Monday thing..ugh.

I don't think Jonathan passed the challenge torch for this weekend, but think you should do one for next weekend! :-)

Jeff W. said...

Hey, Howdy, Hey. Awesome that you are finding new interests. That should keep you motivation up. A YMCA is suppose to be built a mile away from us. No word on if it will have a pool or anything. Hoping it will. I really wish I could find a club with an indoor track. I have developed an absolute loathing of the treadmill.

Not sure about Goofy but I am planning on at least Mickey in 2011. Nothing confirmed for 2010 yet. Would like to visit Donald again but... we'll see what happens. I have not updated Tundra of anything in a long time. Eek. Will need to soon.

Feep up the great work. Hope your family feels better soon.

Amanda said...

Very cool Rae! I'm very excited to see how the training for the Tri goes.

I'm glad you'll be down for the Princess Half - you're going to do great!

Richard said...

Good luck on the Princess Half, especially having to run without your running buddy.
I do like your new bike, I hope it serves you weill for many years. I am doing my first tri in May, so I'll break into the triathlon world soon.