Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Short But Sweet

This is going to be quick.
yesterday I did 2 hours of training. Man am I sore today. and today I did 2.5 hours of training. I am going to be sore tomorrow.
I did 2.0 miles this evening, in 29:13.Nat did 1.80 before her knee said that's enough.

For the Princess Half we will be staying off site again. No big deal. E will be running with me. FJ will be volunteering and the other well be cheering, possible doing pictures. We will be arriving some time in the evening on Friday. And leaving Sunday afternoon.

Disneyland is starting to look more promising. Still not sure.

Team Voice Event page by Jeff W. check it out. This were we are going to be posting the weekend events and monthly ones. and send out a weekly e-mail to everyone on what is going on. And everyone can leave their comments there for the events instead of the mass mail. @225 in my in box!!!

Heading to bed, working the rest of this week. So I will need a hey did you get out and get those miles in? Please it will help.


Princess Fee said...

Way to go on the long training! I haven't had a long run in for ages - with my bad knee... Am aiming to get out for about 2 hours this weekend, but we're forecasted a lot more snow again...don't know how I'm going to get my training in as the treadmills at the gym only allow 30 minutes... I will get out there, even if it's freezing!!!

Looking forward to meeting you at the Princess Half! I just hope I finish, now...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rae!

Are we planning a meet for Saturday for package pick-up, or for Sunday morning, or after the race?

Keep on trucking (er, running)!

Amanda said...

You're amazing - that's a lot of training back to back. Make sure you don't exhaust yourself :)! You'll want to save some of the energy for the Princess Half!!!

You'll get your miles in this week I'm sure.

Keep going!

Chris said...

Are you there yet? Are you there yet? Are you there yet? ;-)


Steph said...

Hi Rae!

Thanks for visiting my blog..neglected as it is. You all are so inspiring, and now that I officially announced that I want to go into training for the 2011 Half Marathon, I think I shall go become an official member of team voice and will no longer lurk!

Keep up the great work with the training! =)

MikeF. said...

Over a week and no post. Hope everything is alright.