Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gearing Up For Vern Week Run.. Updated

Here we are.. down to the wire.
My second half marathon. I have to go out with out my running buddy. But he will be there taking pictures!!! We will be arriving at WDW on Friday evening. Me and the kids are volunteering for the 5k. After 9:30a we will be free to roam the parks. After packet pick up of course. So those of us running this race where you all of you want to meet up?? I am staying off site. No biggie cant' complain I am still there. :)

Yesterday was a busy day, work, and another one of us with this illness. So I didn't make it to the gym to swim or start my workout plan for the triathlon, today I will be going back to start it. I ran, see what I typed{mgreene :)} I RAN 3.22 miles in 44:11 last night. My run keeper said that is a 13:42 minute mile pace. I am getting faster!!! This morning I did another spin class, I did much better, my breathing needs work. So later when E gets home we are going to go do my workout part of training I need a spotter and then work on the free style swimming getting the arms and head, and breathing in to a steady motion. Then try to put it in motion, haha I look funny. This weekend for Vern Week the plan is to do 10 miles, but my goal is to get to 15 miles. That is Saturday.

I am looking for biking shorts to get that have the padding that I can wear and swim in. I seen some on line, but I can't find them in the shops. Any suggestions??

I got the app for my phone called loose it. I can track my meals here. It does all the counting ,and everything. If they don't have to food you can add it in. I love it. And it is easier for me to keep up with my food journals.

I got the foot pads for my running shoes. The last 2.5 miles of the half my toes and the ball of my foot were aching so bad I had to slow down. I put them in and they work great. I am going to try to do this half in 3 hours. I want to shave off the 11 minutes from the first one. Let me say I will be in break down and cry if it is less than that, or more. But as long as I finish and not get swepted I am good!!!

Here is my triathlon workout plan. That way you know what I am doing, and maybe use it for you're benifit.

In order of completion 3-5 reps, 8-12 times, 2-3 times a week.
1. squat weighted{they give you different types to choose from I picked this one}Just the bar, 3 sets of 12
2.standing bent arm lat pull down 45 lbs 3sets of 12
3. Leg press or step up{ choices again} 75 lbs 3 sets of 12
4.chest press or push ups 15 lbs 3 sets of 12
5. seated row resist. 7, 3 sets of 24
6.personal weakness here{ I picked bicep curl] 30 lbs 3 sets of 12
7. abs. with twisted weighted. torso twist 50 lbs 3 sets of 12

Then go swim. :)9 laps 2 free style my best attempt. Took me an hour but I did it.


Chris said...

3.22 miles running! Holy Cats! So proud of your running accomplishements, Rae! You've worked really hard at this and deserve the kudos. Do you have a goal to run an entire race at some point?

Not sure on the bike gear, but please keep us in the loop as I think some of us are thinking about getting into it as well.

mgreene said...

Good! Your knee problems must be going away!

DebWDW said...

Can I just say that YOU ARE AMAZING?!! I miss a few posts and then next thing I know you are doing a TRIATHLON?!!! Now you are my idol to the hundredth degree!!

Anonymous said...


I will be arriving late Friday. I'm doing my packet pick-up on Saturday and then will probably head to Hollywood Studios to check out American Idol.

I'll text you when I arrive. I'll be staying at AS-Sports.

I'm real impressed with your training. It'll be great to see you again.


Amanda said...

I am so excited to meet you!!! I arrive Thursday. I'll be doing packet pickup on Friday and then running the 5K on Saturday and of course the Half on Sunday. Oh my gosh, I get butterflies just thinking about it!

I am super impressed at how motivated you are and I can't wait to keep getting updates on your progress. 3.22 miles is awesome - you're going to make that 3hr goal, I just know it.

Okay, you do know that you should taper before a race right? 10 miles for Vern week? I originally had that too, then I realized that it was a week before the race and I definitely need to keep my legs fresh. Just don't overdo it and have your race suffer!

You're motivating me to start thinking about the triathlon again. I haven't been swimming lately so it'll be hard to get going again. I had made it to sprint distance last fall, but I'm sure I'll be starting over again!

Princess Fee said...

Way to go Rae!!!! I love reading your blog - you always inspire me! We are going to be great come Princess Race Day - and less than 3 hours? Heck yeah! Although I have a feeling I'll be dragging my limp body to catch you up...lol

And I am off to the running store after work to get foot pads - the front of my foot under three of my toes is where I'm having the problems. And like Amanda, I'm going to taper this week - lots of ice for the knee and foot and lots of pumped adrenaline!

Amanda said...

Great job with the weight training. You are truly amazing and I know you're going to do great in all of your races :)!

Jeff W. said...

Awesome Rae! So proud of all the marvelous progress your making. Your dedication is inspiring. Keep it up and have a great race!

Wish I could be there.