Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Weeks and Counting ......

Well the ipod has returned home!!!!
Speaking of home we having been pulling up carpet and cleaning out the garage and making room to empty out the storage unit. I have to loose it so I can start my new gym membership on Saturday. They have classes, a POOL, and tons of other things to do. I can not wait!!

Now I have been doing some research and plotting and planning and I am going to bite the bullet and by a bike. I am going to get fitted to one. I found one online that I like better than in the bike shop. Actually it is the same bike and half the price. So I am going to get fitted and buy the bike online. Got to get a helmet too. Here is the thing, I want to train for the triathlon. Disney is having one in May 09. Training starts next week for it.{actually 26} If I can get the half mile of swimming under my belt I am going to register. { and the bike shorts you wear swimming too!}
Just like I am going to register for the Princess this weekend. Really I am, and then I wait to the last minute and the Goofy.{ I think it is the fear of doing both}

I have been battling personal fears and I worry if I am going to make it at the race. I haven't done any longs in well only once. I know I will not have a good time. I was shooting for a better time.

I am not renewing my passes this year only so I can go to Disneyland. That money will pay for more than half of the trip. {i want to stay in the California resort. I have to get with my Pop and find out if he can come down and stay with the kids so E and I can go alone. yes no kids. Then they won't miss any school till January. There are no more scheduled races here after the triathlon till July. For January I was thinking of Animal Kingdom lodge.

The last 2 nights I have done my core workout for 30 minutes. A bit sore but it's manageable.

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice.


Princess Fee said...

What a great, positive post - way to go Rae! And I think that's great, the possibility of doing a triathalon! Disney do one? I have been swimming a lot more, due to my knee problems, and just this morning in the pool I thought about the possibility of doing a triathalon. I might think about training for one of those next year!

And I'm so jealous at you going to Disneyland - very excited for you too!! And let me know when you're registered for the Princess Half - I think it's at 85% full...

Anonymous said...

That's great Rae! I've already signed up for the Danskin Tri. Can't wait to see you there!! I'm really glad that you were able to find a pool.

Chris said...

The prodigal-pod has returned, yeehaw! :-)

Wow, you're amazing with all of the events going on. I don't think I can focus on anything more than the one full marathon this year. The MBA thing has me pretty busy though, so I guess I have an excuse.

Would really like to get into the triathalon thing for next year. Bike racing friend of mine was giving me advice on a first road bike, sounds expensive...then again, what isn't!

MikeF. said...

Rae those are all achievable goals. And with your strong mind and will I know you can complete them. Just remember to "Keep Moving Forward!"

Amanda said...

Hip Hooray - the iPod is home!!! That's awesome.

I have a friend that did Tri for the Cure here in Arizona last year and ever since I've been thinking about doing it...Disney World and Disneyland both have Sprint Tri's that look like a lot of fun. My only concern would be renting a bike or trying to transport my own.

I've been looking at bikes for about six months now. Right now I settle for the stationary at the gym, but maybe sometime soon I'll get one too.

I think it's great that you are planning all these events. The good thing about getting them on the calendar is that it keeps you motivated to keep going even when you feel like stopping.

Congratulations on deciding to continue and I do hope to see you at the Princess Half :)!