Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bike Is Here!!!!

I was at work yesterday and I got a text we have a bike! I thought what already? It got here fast. It is so lite and soooo yellow. How ironic is that. It is really yellow. I have to finish putting it together.

Let see..... I rested on Wednesday, and yesterday after work I did my workout, then the pool. I did and exercise called the Pressing the Buoy. This is where you swim just kicking and pressing down with your chest a little and you head in the water and keeping your body floating on the surface. It is hard but I did it. I did 2 laps of it. This is to help keep the body from dragging in the water. Then I tackled the free style again. I did it. I wasn't dragging,and I did the sequence right and did a lap. I had to rest at each in of the pool, my breathing is off but I did it. So I did one more lap free style and 6 more of whatever to get in 9 laps before the gym closed.

Today I have already done the spin class, and I have to go back and swim. That's it for today till my long run tomorrow. There is no need to taper off when this is my routine. I do not want to get out of my routine. Then I will get lazy like I did in Jan. I can not do that. Specially if I plan on doing the Goofy. And the triathlon. E said I should Just do the Full then the Goofy. And maybe by then they will have come up with the dopey. I do not know if I ever will be able to run a full half, but I am working like you know what to get to that point. I have to baby my knees and keep the bones happy, or my Sports medicine Doctor will shut me down. { i wouldn't know what to do with myself if that happened} Maybe I should listen to E. :)

I have been keeping my calories in the 1400-1700 range.

SO after the Princess, I will be alternating my long runs with a long bike ride.
Track my runner Rachel Milano that's me! I haven't received my final race instructions. :(

Good luck to everyone for the Vern Week Run!!

Hey Jeff, gonna make a triathlon medal too?? I will need a Princess half medal soon!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gearing Up For Vern Week Run.. Updated

Here we are.. down to the wire.
My second half marathon. I have to go out with out my running buddy. But he will be there taking pictures!!! We will be arriving at WDW on Friday evening. Me and the kids are volunteering for the 5k. After 9:30a we will be free to roam the parks. After packet pick up of course. So those of us running this race where you all of you want to meet up?? I am staying off site. No biggie cant' complain I am still there. :)

Yesterday was a busy day, work, and another one of us with this illness. So I didn't make it to the gym to swim or start my workout plan for the triathlon, today I will be going back to start it. I ran, see what I typed{mgreene :)} I RAN 3.22 miles in 44:11 last night. My run keeper said that is a 13:42 minute mile pace. I am getting faster!!! This morning I did another spin class, I did much better, my breathing needs work. So later when E gets home we are going to go do my workout part of training I need a spotter and then work on the free style swimming getting the arms and head, and breathing in to a steady motion. Then try to put it in motion, haha I look funny. This weekend for Vern Week the plan is to do 10 miles, but my goal is to get to 15 miles. That is Saturday.

I am looking for biking shorts to get that have the padding that I can wear and swim in. I seen some on line, but I can't find them in the shops. Any suggestions??

I got the app for my phone called loose it. I can track my meals here. It does all the counting ,and everything. If they don't have to food you can add it in. I love it. And it is easier for me to keep up with my food journals.

I got the foot pads for my running shoes. The last 2.5 miles of the half my toes and the ball of my foot were aching so bad I had to slow down. I put them in and they work great. I am going to try to do this half in 3 hours. I want to shave off the 11 minutes from the first one. Let me say I will be in break down and cry if it is less than that, or more. But as long as I finish and not get swepted I am good!!!

Here is my triathlon workout plan. That way you know what I am doing, and maybe use it for you're benifit.

In order of completion 3-5 reps, 8-12 times, 2-3 times a week.
1. squat weighted{they give you different types to choose from I picked this one}Just the bar, 3 sets of 12
2.standing bent arm lat pull down 45 lbs 3sets of 12
3. Leg press or step up{ choices again} 75 lbs 3 sets of 12
4.chest press or push ups 15 lbs 3 sets of 12
5. seated row resist. 7, 3 sets of 24
6.personal weakness here{ I picked bicep curl] 30 lbs 3 sets of 12
7. abs. with twisted weighted. torso twist 50 lbs 3 sets of 12

Then go swim. :)9 laps 2 free style my best attempt. Took me an hour but I did it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Style ..... What??

Today I did my first ever spin class. It was fun, hard and man my thighs are sore. My upper body strength is weak. I can't hold myself up but maybe 1 song in class. Then later came back and got in the pool. I can't free style swim but for half the length of the pool. I did what I had to do to get to the end. I did 5 laps today. My arms are sore and wore out. So the hard part of swimming free style is getting the rhythm of the breathing and the turn with the arms. I took in a lot of water today. So E said tomorrow we will sit at the shallow in and practice the movement. I have to swim everyday, even when I do not want too.
Tomorrow I have to start my triathlon workout. It is set up to go in the completion of the race. 3 times this week I have to do it. And Get another spin class in. Now I am at the point I HAVE to get up in the morning and put my miles in. Plus I have to intake even more protein. I will post all my numbers tomorrow. And I have to be in bed no later than 10:30p.
SO gotta go....

Friday, February 20, 2009

To Try A Tri, Or Not To Tri Is The Question

I am registered for the Princess Half. It is just me registered. E is very ill, and will not be running. His breathing off and the Doctor said no. :( So now I will be alone in the race. This will be my first race without my running buddy. WOW!

Tomorrow will start my new gym membership. I will be in the pool. I will be trying to swim 10 laps. That is a half mile. I want to work up to 20 laps laps in the pool.That is one mile.

Well the other crazy thing I did was I bought a triathlon bike. I bit the bullet and I was fitted to the bike and found the same bike on line for way cheaper than in the shop. The only thing is I have to wait to see what kind of clip pedals it has so I know what riding shoes I will be buying.And get the aero grips. I also bought the book called The Triathlon Bible. Man what a great book. It breaks down the body mechanics of the body down and why we build up lactate acid. And I should start consuming way more protein than I am.{ yes can you believe the bike is yellow??} Hahaha

Disney has a triathlon in May and it is not found under the Wide World of Sports. It's actually under Danskin. And there is also one going to be in Miami at the end of May 2009. I can do the biking and the 5k, the swimming I will have to work on. I can ride the bike park of the race for the tri here and use it for my long riding miles. I will have to alternate between the long runs and biking.

So I am going to comment to this. New core exercises too.

Ok the Goofy is at 85%. I think I am scared to hit that button. I know I can do it, but I just haven't. Not sure if I want to save it for 2011, and just do the full.

Any new Team Voice Challenges??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Weeks and Counting ......

Well the ipod has returned home!!!!
Speaking of home we having been pulling up carpet and cleaning out the garage and making room to empty out the storage unit. I have to loose it so I can start my new gym membership on Saturday. They have classes, a POOL, and tons of other things to do. I can not wait!!

Now I have been doing some research and plotting and planning and I am going to bite the bullet and by a bike. I am going to get fitted to one. I found one online that I like better than in the bike shop. Actually it is the same bike and half the price. So I am going to get fitted and buy the bike online. Got to get a helmet too. Here is the thing, I want to train for the triathlon. Disney is having one in May 09. Training starts next week for it.{actually 26} If I can get the half mile of swimming under my belt I am going to register. { and the bike shorts you wear swimming too!}
Just like I am going to register for the Princess this weekend. Really I am, and then I wait to the last minute and the Goofy.{ I think it is the fear of doing both}

I have been battling personal fears and I worry if I am going to make it at the race. I haven't done any longs in well only once. I know I will not have a good time. I was shooting for a better time.

I am not renewing my passes this year only so I can go to Disneyland. That money will pay for more than half of the trip. {i want to stay in the California resort. I have to get with my Pop and find out if he can come down and stay with the kids so E and I can go alone. yes no kids. Then they won't miss any school till January. There are no more scheduled races here after the triathlon till July. For January I was thinking of Animal Kingdom lodge.

The last 2 nights I have done my core workout for 30 minutes. A bit sore but it's manageable.

Team Voice Many Goals One Voice.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Been a While

I know I have not posted in a while. A lot of things are going on here. I was was sick of a little over a week. Found out I am allergic to milk. Made me very ill. Then other issues came up. And then training at the desk. It is easier than I thought it was going to be.
We are in the process of pulling up carpet and painting. We went to Ikea and bought some new furniture.Set out with a budget and 2 things to get. Found their as is section and came home with the 2 beds frames and head boards and a new dinning room table and some other goodies under our set budget. woo hooo.
I have been walking 2-3 miles nothing fancy and I may not do the Princess half. Not sure yet. We will not be renewing our passes this year. I really want to go to Disneyland. I plan on going to Marathon weekend 2010 Goofy. Again if I have not missed registration. Again other drama id going on and it is causing big problems. :(

And someone has stole my ipod. I registered it and they can't give me my serial number. I need the number to give to the police. I have an idea who has it. :( And they have all my contacts in it.

So I have not been on the emails or the challenges. Nothing. And I can't think striaght, with all this mess going on. And I fear that when I last emailed I had offended people and I want to apologize for it. I just don't take any junk from anyone. That's me and I can not apologize for that.

I finally got a new phone and I love it!!!! I splurged and got me the new iphone. Love it!!! Still trying t figure it out. And those cool apps and man all that space. Sweet!!! I have the running keeper on it !! Holy cats it works great and it gps and maps it and everything!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Short But Sweet

This is going to be quick.
yesterday I did 2 hours of training. Man am I sore today. and today I did 2.5 hours of training. I am going to be sore tomorrow.
I did 2.0 miles this evening, in 29:13.Nat did 1.80 before her knee said that's enough.

For the Princess Half we will be staying off site again. No big deal. E will be running with me. FJ will be volunteering and the other well be cheering, possible doing pictures. We will be arriving some time in the evening on Friday. And leaving Sunday afternoon.

Disneyland is starting to look more promising. Still not sure.

Team Voice Event page by Jeff W. check it out. This were we are going to be posting the weekend events and monthly ones. and send out a weekly e-mail to everyone on what is going on. And everyone can leave their comments there for the events instead of the mass mail. @225 in my in box!!!

Heading to bed, working the rest of this week. So I will need a hey did you get out and get those miles in? Please it will help.