Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Day Is Near

It has been way to long.I have not been able to post. I would get a blank page.
Any hoo

Do you know is going to be going on THIS weekend?? I will give 3 guesses and the first 2 do not count. The Half Marathon 2009!!!!

Before I get in to that. Last year was great. Looking back in 2008 is when I made a lot of personal mile stones. Miles for the year, are 553.54. Not bad. I am looking to get faster this year, and I am going to finish dumping the weight. I plan on doing the Goofy 2010.So there is no slow down for me.

I am done with work till next Monday. I do my cpr on Tuesday and Bam we are on our way to WDW. E 's birthday is also Saturday. I am bringing the shirts with me. They are for sale.
Those of you who have already spoke to me, no worries I have your shirts.

I am sorry I was unable to be apart of the community e-mails. Things here have been kinda upside down. But things are getting back to normal.
This week while up there. I plan on doing my short runs. I do know once around all three of the All Stars is 2.5 ish miles. I plan on doing them in the early morning. And the Half is going to be my weekly long miles with the best veiw around. :)

Training front I have been back to doing my resistance workouts, and I did 6.2 miles last night. Tomorrow is my 2.5-3 miles. And I will be getting my new workout after the half.

We all have been here day in and out training and blogging about the race. Here it is apon us. We all are going to have so much fun. My goal is to finish the race, and the Princess in March will be about making the numbers. Then Disneyland should just be a walk in the park. Right? We are going to have so much fun. Have you guys tracked your runner?? I have put everyone in that I havw full names for.
Do not be nervous or scared why it is the happiest place on Earth. Watch the weather it looks like it will be in the 40's in the morning and when the sun comes up it will slowy go to the 60's and clear!!!
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate !!! This week is about keeping well hydrated!!!

I have trained and got injured and kept training for the last 2 years for this!! It is finally here!!


Chris said...

Almost there...Woohoo!!

Jeff said...

Does this mean you where able to get into All Stars?