Friday, January 16, 2009

Back In The Saddle....

I did 4.25 miles today on the dreadmill in 60 minutes. I was going to go longer but this lady was gagging me with her perfume she was wearing. It made my eyes water and everything. SO I stopped.

OK so it is official I am going to do the Goofy in 2010 I am going to register for it in 2 weeks. Next week I am going to register for the Princess Half. I have a room set up to stay at Pop. Now for Disneyland. I got my quote back, and I am so surprised that it is not as much as I was thinking for the 4 of us to stay at the Californian Resort and Spa. They also have a dinning plan close to what we have here. So we are seriously thinking of taking it. Now how will we get from the airport to DL?? They don't have the magical express. hmm...... I will ask my agent. So I think we are going to DL to do the Half and the 5k. WOW!!! I can't believe I will get to go!!!!

Ok now I got a text yesterday that rocked my world. I feel like I lost a family member. :( My Boss resigned from work. WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I cried. Now I do not know who we are going to get stuck with and I do not know if I will get my time off for my runs, and the person standing in is a really mean person and she is a double talker and talks behind your back.
:( :(
I did a new core workout today. Man am I starting to feel it. Planks, Side planks, Bridge with one leg up,superman's, and metrodoms. I only did 2 sets. My daughter did only one set. She is training with me to do the Princess Half in March.

I also want to confess about my eating lately. I have been real bad about keeping track and eating the right foods. SO yesterday I came to grips with that and started new. I went shopping today and spent some of my afternoon seperating and measuring and counting my calories. That way I can just grab and go. So Tomorrow 's weigh in is going to be very interesting. I will post it regardless if it up or down. I need to be held accoutable.

Man it is down right cold here. With the wind blowing and all it is like 44 degrees outside. brr....

Everyone have a great weekend and Jonathan And Amber safe travel home!!

Back to work this weekend, and i am going to be so nervous. No more Boss Man. :(


Jeff said...

I would welcome your 40 degree temps. Our final flight almost had to return to Minneapolis last Tuesday due to low visibility caused by snow.

Temps here have been running -20 below windchill.

Princess Fee said...

Way to go for getting back in the saddle - and I really hate when people at the gym have overpowering perfume/aftershave's a pet hate!

Also good for you for doing the Goofy Challenge 2010 - I am thinking about if I sign up for the half, or full, in 2010 - it depends on whether I think I can get over there and the time off work...

Cannot wait to see you at Princess Half!!!! :D

ariane said...

I say better perfume than farts. Sorry, it's true. Some old man was stinking up the place on Wed and I had to leave. Gross. HA!

When are you guys going to DL? We are planning on it nest year when the baby is older and before Caroline goes to school. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

That's great Rae! I've signed up to do it again in 2010. I'm hoping that I can decrease my time.

I haven't started looking at DL yet but I am very interested. I hope we can all go and do the 1/2 marathon.

Did you see the JB posted again? Finally. I was so worried.

Chris said...

Goofy, holy cats! :-) That's awesome! Perhaps in two years, right now I'm just hoping to get back down for next years half. You've got to keep us in the loop on the training plan for the Goof! Although, it sounds like your plan is to keep running tough races, that oughta do it!

Sorry to hear about the boss, hang in there though!! Things have a way of coming back to the center over time.

DebWDW said...

Wow, you are amazing!

Richard said...

The Goofy!?!
Well, good luck to you! I'll probably do it myself one of these next few years, too. I am a sucker for a challenge.
BTW, I added a race photo from my Houston Half Marathon, per your request [OK, I really just got it this evening, but you did request it, too.]

MikeF. said...

Thank you Rae for the post on my blog.

Raffi said...

My daughter is helping me train for the Princess 5k. She can't run it because it's during track season - she's a "real" runner. "You just run for exercise" she says, teasing.

I'll be there with a team from Look for us in this t-shirt:

And if you want to follow another disney HM/marathon trainer check out His HM was 1:38:57, but he's going for 1:15 next year! I'll be there with pom poms.