Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Official, I am Super Duper Excited Now!!

Hellllloooooo Humans!!!!!! {aaaggghhhhhaa}

The last 2 days have been tough. Work has been busy. My floor was bombed with surgeries.

First off the thing that has been weighing on my head is the time off. I got my schedule on Wednesday. I didn't see it till I took a break in the morning. I ran over to the board and when I saw that they GAVE ME THE TIME OFF!!!! I was so excited and happy I was crying!!! No one was able to wipe the smile off my face. Even if we had a code I would have smiled through the entire thing.

We will be arriving late on 1/6/09. and staying through 1/11/09!!!!!! HOLY CATS!!! This is really going to happen!!! I am going to be doing the Disney Half Marathon!!! Are you kidding me!!!??!! {grinning here, glowing}

SO back to training. Tuesday I did the hill sprints. my total mileage for that was 2.96 my fastest yet!!!! Very proud. And then on Wednesday I rested since I was so tired,I fell asleep eating dinner. Yes eating dinner, which is a lite meal. Tonight I had to do the dreadmill, the weather here is nasty, so I RAN the entire 5k loop non stop, in 39 minutes, that was a 12 minute pace average. 496 in calories.speed 5.0 I could breathe, and I have not EVER been able to go that fast!!! HOLY CATS!!

We got our new trainers. I was able get women's this time and they are smaller!!! They are still Brooks. I saw a fanny pack, with a water bottle, that lays horizontal and has a pocket big enough for phone,keys and snack. I will be getting this one.

I made an appointment to see my Orthro Doctor after the Half Marathon. Why?? So I can show off my medals, and create a plan to continue to the Full.And find out if I have ITS band issues in my left knee area. {he is also a Sports Medicine Doctor too 3rd in the nation!!

Holy Cats!!! I am really going to get to do this!!!!!

Miles this week : 12.56{ my week ends on Saturday}


Princess Fee said...

Woohoo! Way to go Rae! Am very happy for you getting the time off, and so proud of you for running that 5k in such an impressive time - way to go! Nothing can stop you now! :)

Jeff said...

Getting fast there Rae! Great you got the time off, have you booked your room yet?

We are scheduled to arrive mid day on the 6th.

MikeF. said...

That is great to hear Rae. See as we said things will work out. I have to that I am damn proud of what you have accomplished. Keep it up.

yusufyusuf said...

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