Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am Proud.. Of Me!

Thanks again !!!! ;)

Today was one of the busiest days at work. I was tired today.

On the home front things were quiet. For once. That was nice.:)

Tomorrow they are going to be working on the schedule. The young lady that is doing the schedule knows, I explained to her how hard I have been working. If I can't get all of it at the very least Thursday- Sunday. If I get Wednesday I have to stick around long enough to do my CPR class then after that, I can leave. SO..... fingers crossed.

Tonight I did on the dread mill set b Cardio.
30 minutes of running, every 5 minutes I changed my incline and speed.
1. incline 5, speed 3.4 warm up
2. incline 5, speed 4.7,.27-.59 mile
3.. incline 6, speed 4.5, .69-.96 mile
4. incline 7, speed 4.2, 1.16- 1.31 mile
5. incline 8, speed 4.1, 1.41- 1.66 mile
last 5 minutes incline 5, speed 4.8, 1.50 - 2.05
that was 4 minutes on and 1 minute rest. I am almost to my 5 minute goal!!!
I had to work real hard and dig real dip to do this. The last minute of each one I had to hold on, but I did it. My breathing tried to take over, I fought it and I gained control of it.

I am sitting on the fence with doing my long miles tomorrow in the early evening so E can go with me. And we can see the Christmas Decorations! And I promise I will not stop in the middle of them and go home. I will follow through.

Hold me accountable please.

Miles this week: 7.20


Jeff said...


You betcha, and you do the same for me please. I can't explain why but (aches and pain aside) the past couple months have been a weird mental struggle for me. So close to the goal only to lose steam. I don't get it. But I'm feeling more upbeat this week. Hope you continue to do so as well.

Princess Fee said...

Congratulations on deciding to get back on track and so happy to hear that you're going to keep on going. Good luck with the long miles - I'm dreading having to do them...I've never ran longer than about 11k, so I'm dreading having to do it all...but I'll get there, as we all will.
Fingers crossed for your scheduling too!!!!

Craig Wheeler said...

It's great seeing your spirit change over the course of this week. Stick to it. We'll see you in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Now THERE'S the Rae we all know and love! I'm proud of you - and like Jeff has said - we've all struggled, but we'll hold each OTHER accountable! TRUST ME!