Tuesday, December 9, 2008

# 39032, What Is Yours??

Another day closer to the Half. I am so excited. I have noticed that it is getting much easier too. All the sudden the kids are back out the door with me. Both are surprised that I do not have to to and rest to catch my breathe. They were both ready and waiting for me to get home on Monday night in their Team Voice shirts. That was cool.

Speaking of shirts, I am mailing them out today, if I have your address and if they are paid for. I have a list from PayPal. I will send you a E-mail out after I mail it.

Have you printed your Race Pick- up card and waiver?? I did. And that is the number in the tittle. In my favorite places click the WDW Marathon 2009 and you will find it.

We did another 2.00 miles last night. That was all the time I had for. At least I still made it out the door. E got me a headlight to wear on my head, while out running at night. It works great and the cars can see me. I look funny but hey it works. Does any one know where to get a good fanny pack to wear in the race?? We went to Sports Authority and they have none. Tons of shoes and clothes on sale.

Suggestions please!!!!

Going to go get fitted to new trainers today. And then we will be gear ready for the race,except for the fanny pack issue. Ordered my Vitamins and supplements. Stocking up on the protein water to have after the race.

Resistance workout today. I am spreading it out throughout my day.

Did you read that they remade the medals?? The new and improved?? I haven't found any pictures yet. As soon As I get one I will post it.

Miles this week: 6.25


Jeff said...

Rae, Here is a link to an example of a running belt I found at our local Scheels sporting goods store. It's just the right size for a cell phone and an ID. "Or" it could hold a package or two of Sports Beans or Sharkys.


Got my number last night. #43639

MikeF. said...

#31155 I am so pumped. You know my fuel belt has a pouch in it. I bought it at Dick's sporting goods. I think Jeff and I have the same one.

Chris said...

Will be printing out my information tomorrow at work (better printers that at home). Nice to hear your upbeat posting! Let me know if you need my address or confirm it or whatever. :-)

DebWDW said...

You're ready!! I'm using a Disney fanny pack.