Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Happen To My Voice ???

Good morning from the the World. It is chilly this morning here. For us any way. Remember we are from S.FL. and it is really warm still. It was in the 60's this morning while we were out for some miles. We did 3.31 miles today,and yesterday we did 3.30 miles. We have been just going out to All Stars Movies and back. We have been getting up early enough to do it. Tomorrow we are going to out to ALL Stars Music to get some longer miles in. I also did my ab.circuit last night.

Yesterday was extra magic hours in Hollywood Studios,so we headed out there.Then we headed over to TOT. JB, and Mrs. JB got FJ on TOT!!! He finally rode it!!! And guess what he LOVED IT!!!! And they got him on RNR!! And we couldn't keep him off of it afterwards.hahaha

Then we headed out to the Magic Kingdom, our ADR was at The tavern. We stayed there in to the evening. Then we came back to the resort and hung out. I have some great pictures, and I have some random people pictures, wait till you see them!!! They are so funny!!!

Oh yeah while we were on the TOT I lost my voice on it. I will have to go back and get it. I sound so funny. haha


ariane said...

YAY!!! SO will FJ ride the TOT and RNR with me when we get there??? My dad and I can't wait to ride them with you!

Chris said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time, wish I was there THIS week instead of next!