Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Official .......Vacation Is Here!!!!

WOW!!! I can post today. I have not been able to post since Saturday. Couldn't get in.

I am on vacation!!!! I don't go back to work till next month!! {sounds longer that way} haha. We are finishing up packing, and making sure we have our trading pins. I can't wait!!!!!
Training front,
I have been putting in 2.50 mile every day ,except the last 2 days. Making my calories.Waiting for my vacation workout. I have some routes mapped out to do at the World. I have to put in a long run this week. I was thinking of doing 7.o this time. Got to get the long distances in.

I hope our long distance travelers made it here, and enjoy Universal.Their first time there.

ADR's are
Crystal Palace for dinner
The Brown Derby with Fantasmic seating
50'd Prime Time{ we are going to be very bad children}
Liberty Tree Tavern{characters will not be there in Jan.09}
ON the 28th I will be going over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge doing the night vision hunt and Meeting up with Byran to announce our grand Prize for the Team Voice challenge crazy picture drawing.

And then the rest of our family will be coming in and who knows where we will be going. We don't have to rush. {sweet} And we have a birthday to celebrate. They came a long way to have a birthday. :)

If you are doing the Team Voice challenge get you stuff in!!!
And when we get back from vacation you running shirts will be ready!!!!!! We are signing up to do a local 5k. It is in the evening, it's called the Fantasy of Light 5k walk/run. You go through the holiday season lights. And in Dec. one of the Christmas runs too.


Chris said...

Sounds like y'all will be leaving when I'm heading down there! I'll keep the magic going I suppose.... Sounds like JB will be there still at the same time as us, will try to meet up and say hello at some point.

Ya know, I haven't been on the boards in quite some time so I don't even know what the challenge IS this month! I do recall Bryan mentioning something on the podcast, but don't remember what it was...I'll go check it out. :-)

DebWDW said...

So good to have you back! I will be at WDW on Monday and Tuesday -- see you then!!