Friday, October 17, 2008

I Can't Stand Waiting.....

What a day. A day of nothing. Well at least I thought.

I went to go get a cup of ice, and I noticed there was no ice,and my water bottles for training were melting. And the frozen yogurt was soup. The freezer wasn't freezing. OH NO!!!!!! The fan in the freezer quit working. So when E got home he took it apart and fixed the fan. {whew}

I went over to my dearest friends house. She is on bed rest. :( For the next 6 weeks. She is so bored. And it hasn't been a week yet. So when we leave next week, some of the other girls are going to sit with her.

Training, I did one hour on the hill program. I think I have it figured out. Miles were 3.05. And I did set a of my ab.circuit. My trainer is making a workout program for me while we are gone. One for outside and one for in the gym. My gym is only 9 miles away.
I am thinking that since Jb is going to be here, and he gets up in the early am to put in miles that this my be a good thing for me. This my help me to get use to getting up early and getting out there.Hey putting in miles in Disney World?? Sweet!!! I want to try some of the other running areas there.

Ya know when Jonathan says 12 weeks till the race, that sounds way shorter than 81 days. Say it and if you don't get excited when you do, ummm are you ok??

I put in for the entire week off before the race. I want to be in the World with EVERYONE!! This doesn't happen everyday, and I don't want to miss any of it. And if this happens, FJ will be working the entire marathon weekend. So he would be coming with me.He will earn his first park ticket!!! Sweet!!!

The picture above is the Mickey you see before going into the Kingdom. He is made out of pumpkins. Is that cool or what? Oh yeah in the Bakery on Main Street they have mini pumkins for the kids to color. So the kids colored some and waiting to see if they are there next week.


Princess Fee said...

12 weeks until race day?! Wow! I cannot believe it is that close to you all! How excited are you all?!

I will be there with you in spirit!

And so annoying about the freezer - I hate going to the fridge and there is no water for training. It's one of my pet hates... Luckily you guys got it fixed though!

DebWDW said...

You look so skinny in your new picture!!!! I'm starting Weight Watchers this weekend, so I'm hoping to start losing weight like you!!

Jeff said...

I love the new picture!

It screams PRIDE!!!